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I’m Naomi Woolfson the founder of Embrace Fertility. As a practising Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, I work with women across the globe and tailor our sessions to meet your needs.

This page outlines what fertility coaching and therapy is and how it can support you to create a life that you love. 

Book a free 30 minute clarity call to discuss how I can support you. 

How can working with a fertility coach support your journey to parenthood?


  • Reduce stress, control anxiety and increase feelings of calm
  • Enhance your fertility – balancing hormone fluctuations
  • Support lifestyle changes such as weight loss or weight gain
  • Support during fertility treatment (IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI)
  • Overcome fear of needles, hospital procedures
  • Enter treatment feeling empowered and calm
  • Support during your two week wait
  • Restore your self-esteem and trust in your body
  • Develop resilience and coping techniques
  • Clear fears of pregnancy, miscarriage, birth and parenthood
  • Work through feelings of grief
  • Overcome jealousy and anger
  • Miscarriage support
  • Discuss concerns about your relationships – with partner, friends or family
  • Pain management and lifestyle changes for conditions such as endometriosis
  • Getting happy while trying to get pregnant
  • Early pregnancy support
  • Late pregnancy and birth support

“Life for me was pretty much ruled by anxiety, and fear of having a panic attack, not being in control of myself, or possibly going mad from the anxiety. Pretty exhausting! I thought I would like to try hypnotherapy as I wanted to change my thoughts around anxiety and be able to become more accepting of the way things are right now. I was in a brilliant mood last night after our session and very relaxed. I would recommend working with you without hesitation. I had forgotten what it was like to be light-hearted for a while – good to feel it again.” 


I felt as though my thinking and fears were taking me further away from my ultimate goal. I wasn’t sure how to best handle my mental health and I needed someone to help me. We were just starting to try interventions and the first one didn’t work. I felt at my most frustrated and knew this feeling would build with each negative cycle and that this would work against us. I found the sessions interesting and useful. I feel like I have done something helpful and positive. I don’t feel as scared and I feel I have coped with a lot better than I would have done.”


“I kept having horrible flashbacks about my ectopic pregnancy and was scared to try and conceive naturally. It felt like a big issue that scared me and dominated my thoughts and actions. I wanted to change my thought patterns and knew I couldn’t do it on my own. 

I felt a shift about my feelings to past events during the session. Beforehand my ectopic felt like a magnified image in my mind and lots of emotions were attached to it. Afterwards the event seemed much further away, like it happened but I was slightly separated from it. It didn’t take up so much space in my mind and the emotional fear had disappeared. 

The next morning I felt a desire to try naturally. There was no fear and it seemed like the obvious solution. I woke up on Sunday morning thinking I’m having a lovely weekend – a new thought for me. Everything seemed much clearer. On Monday morning I felt carefree. A glimpse of my old happy self.”


Fertile Thoughts Activation Process

Through my professional training, supporting women struggling with infertility for the past 7 years and my own personal experience of conceiving naturally following almost four years of infertility, IVF and miscarriage I have created the Fertile Thoughts Activation Process. Five steps that I use in my coaching and therapy sessions with one-to-one clients and as the foundation of the Embrace Fertility Method.


We start with simple but effective acupressure and neurolinguistic programming exercises to instantly soothe your mind and body in the moment while rebalancing your parasympathetic nervous system and hormones.


I teach you stress reduction cognitive behavioural techniques to allow you to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of trying to conceive and build your resilience.


Beautiful meditation and hypnosis exercises allow you to connect deeply with yourself and your body, your partner and future child. Strengthening your intuition and developing trust in yourself and your body again.


Emotional freedom and hypnotherapy to clear the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that may be blocking your ability to get and stay pregnant.


Powerful guided visualisations, journaling exercises and affirmations to instruct your conscious and unconscious minds to create the life you desire.

You may have tried some of these techniques in the past and loved them or loathed them. It’s not that they don’t work for you, you just need a tried and tested method of applying them in the correct order in a way that allows each technique to enhance and build on the one previous.

Why Choose Embrace Fertility

8 years of experience

I’m a trained cognitive hypnotherapist and specialise in mind-body fertility support. 

Support when you need it

work with women across the globe who are struggling to get and stay pregnant.


I went through infertility, IVF & miscarriage myself before conceiving naturally - twice!

“After our session my fears were completely released in both my mind and body. I had logically thought through my challenge, but I was still having anxiety. After our session my anxiety was fully released. It was truly incredible. I seriously love your coaching style and technique. You get to the root of the problem very quickly, you know exactly what techniques to use and your voice is so soothing.”


“Immediately after the first session I had a huge release of tension that I had been carrying in my hips and belly. I felt like jelly! I felt a shift not only emotionally but also physically! The shifts in thinking were also remarkable, so much more positive and happy in myself.”


90 Day Support Package:


Discovery Session: Detailed history take on your personal circumstances and we solidify what you would like to achieve over the coming months. In cognitive hypnotherapy we always set a goal that we can work towards to keep the therapy focused and to allow us to monitor success. 

Therapy/Coaching Sessions:

I guide you through my five-step fertile thoughts activation process as explained above. This includes interventions to clear emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. I will write and record your own personal hypnosis MP3 which will be specific to exactly what you want to achieve. I will use your own language and representational system so this is created purely for you and is therefore incredibly powerful.

If appropriate in these sessions I will teach you self-help techniques to aid relaxation and stress reduction.

If required sessions can include deep relaxation of both the mind and body. I design the sessions to suit you.

90 Day package to include:

6 x 75 minute video call therapy/coaching sessions.

Powerful personal hypnosis recording as appropriate to your desired outcome.

Full access to The Embrace Fertility Method 12 week course and 12 bonuses.

Email support for 90 days.

Membership to the Embrace Circle to connect with other like minded women and 4 group coaching calls.


Book your free clarity call now:

In our 30 minute video call together, we’ll get crystal clear on what you are struggling with at the moment, how you would prefer to be feeling and what your 3 month goal is.

At the end of the call, if it makes sense we can have a conversation about working together.

Send me a message via the contact box here and let me know a bit about you and when would suit you to book in a call. 

11 + 11 =

“In our last session I got the confirmation that I was afraid of birth and the revelation that my womb needed space and for me to drop the expectations I have on it. I realised that I am in tune with my body and am able to listen to it. I have the power to turn down the negative thoughts and if I concentrate I have the power to dial up the good feelings.”


“It was a real relief to be able to get some of the stuff off my chest to someone who completely understands and always has tools to hand to help. I like the range of techniques – it’s so helpful to have a mix of things to return later to depending on what feels right at the time.”


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