The Embrace Fertility Method

12 week online mind-body course

Let’s just say it, trying to get pregnant and not getting pregnant totally sucks.

It completely messes with your head

and your heart 

and your body

and your work

and your relationships 

No area of your life is left untouched.

You want to do everything in your power to have a baby and be a mum.

You are SO READY to step into this next phase of your life and instead you’re stuck in this weird limbo land.

You are doing ALL. THE. THINGS. and still nothing is happening. Or maybe you’ve been pregnant and then lost your much longed for baby. Either way your arms ache to hold your child.

You don’t know if you can take much more.

I can definitely relate to the above. During our second round of fertility treatment I had my first panic attack on the London Underground.

I was suffering from extreme anxiety, depression, insomnia and digestive problems.

I was so scared that I might never get to be a mum, to care and play with the children that I so desperately wanted.

I was at rock bottom

I just couldn’t do this any more, it was just too hard. From the first moment I woke up in the morning all I could think about was the fact that I was infertile and it was so unfair.

The friends that did know we were trying (I mainly kept it a closely guarded secret) were saying things like:


I knew that my stress levels were through the roof but I didn’t know HOW to relax, I didn’t know HOW to release the fear that I might never get to hold my own baby.

Infertility was CAUSING my stress but was the stress also now part of the cause of my infertility?

I was determined to find out so I joined a stress reduction course. As the weeks passed, the panic attacks stopped and the depression lifted.

I became absorbed by the research on stress in regards to infertility and how you can enhance fertility using the mind-body link.

Here’s what I found:

Did you know that women undergoing fertility treatment experience the same level of stress, anxiety and depression as women who have cancer, HIV or heart disease?

Did you know that women suffering from depression, stress and anxiety are twice as likely to have problems conceiving?

And women who have experienced at least one unsuccessful IVF cycle and had depressive symptoms before continuing IVF treatment experienced a lower success rate than women who did not experience depressive symptoms.*

The flip side

The flip side of this being that introducing ways of reducing stress can improve your quality of life while trying to conceive or going through treatment. Studies indicate that if you alleviate anxiety and depression in infertile women it appears to make it easier for them to become pregnant.

I left my career in design and retrained as a therapist and for the past seven years, I have worked to raise the level of understanding about this diagnosis – from the debilitating emotional impact and the overwhelming feelings of sadness, helplessness and grief. To the simple yet powerful mind-body techniques that provide relief and build resilience during this highly emotive time and greatly increase the chances of conceiving.

It is possible to improve your fertility and feel good now

Imagine feeling calm and confident that you are doing everything in your power to support your body in conceiving and carrying your baby.

Imagine working through the conscious, unconscious, physical and energetic blocks that may be preventing you from getting or staying pregnant.

Imagine not only living your life but loving your life even before seeing those two little lines.

Imagine once you are pregnant being able to enjoy it rather than worrying and counting down the days until your next scan.

All of this is possible. I know because I did it.

Learning and practising the mind body techniques I now teach allowed me to become the happiest I had ever been BEFORE I saw those two little lines.

I got pregnant on our fourth round of fertility treatment but then miscarried and instead of plummeted back into depression I felt calm and strong.

The Shift

I knew that I had the strength to keep going.

I knew that I was meant to be a mother.

I knew I would be ok.

This is known as the shift.

When everything else on the outside looks exactly the same; you’re still not pregnant, you’re still not a mum but you feel completely different and you KNOW you will be ok.

 I now help women around the world to experience their own shift.

PS. I fell pregnant naturally 12 weeks after the miscarriage with my son Jasper and again 23 months later with my daughter Evie.

And it’s not just me there does seem to be a link between women experiencing this shift and a change in their outer world too.

Introducing the Embrace Fertility Method – 12 week course

Giving you the tools to enhance your fertility.

Empowering you to feel calm and confident while trying to conceive and during pregnancy following infertility.

  • Overcome anxiety and negative thinking to find peace of mind.
  • Learn how to love and trust your body.
  • Access your inner strength and build your resilience.
  • Connect with others and forge new friendships with people in a similar situation to yourself.
  • Prepare for your next step – be that a lifestyle change, a treatment option or pregnancy itself.
  • Build a toolkit to help you throughout your journey, to combat jealousy, anger, worry and fear.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your partner.
  • Recapture the excitement of when you first decided to try for a baby.
  • Develop patience, trust in yourself and your ability to handle anything in your life.

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“The Embrace Fertility Method has helped me control my thinking and learn to love myself and my body again. Somehow, through the depths of despair and months of soul searching, I found a happy place. The only way I can describe it is I let go.”

Helen - Embrace Fertility Method Member

“The Embrace Fertility Method has helped me feel more at peace with myself and the process of getting pregnant. It also helped me release limiting beliefs around getting pregnant. Our first IVF cycle was successful in week 6 of the course.

Nicole - Embrace Fertility Method Member

Through my professional therapy training and experience in supporting women struggling with infertility for the past 7 years I have created the Fertile Thoughts Activation Process. Five steps that I use as the foundation of the Embrace Fertility Method.

 You may have tried some of these techniques in the past and loved them or loathed them. It’s not that they don’t work for you, you just need a tried and tested method of applying them in the correct order in a way that allows each technique to enhance and build on the one previous.

You will receive

  • All content is accessed via the Embrace Fertility Method online hub. You will receive a personal log in and can access from any device including your smart phone.
  • There will be a new video each week in which I will present the topic. Each week will include between 40 and 60 minutes of new video content. You can either watch all in one go or work your way through the bite-size 10 minute videos at your own pace.
  • Each week you will have a new meditation or hypnosis MP3 to listen to. Guided mindfulness meditations include: Thoughts meditation, mindful body scan, attitude of gratitude body scan, sitting with the breath, loving-kindness meditation, the three-minute time out, 15 minute intuition meditation. 
  • Deep relaxation hypnosis for letting go.
  • Powerful fertility visualisations to connect with and call in your baby.
  • The course includes on-depth cognitive behavioural and mindfulness training with a multitude of techniques to help you feel empowered and master of your thoughts.
  • Weekly workbook and home practice assignments to further class learning.
  • I will teach you how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for supercharging your personal development and you will have access to a libary of tap along EFT videos on a host of topics such as fear of birth, overcoming jealousy and dissolving beliefs such as ‘I’m too old to have a baby’.

What we will cover:

Week 1: Set the foundation

An introduction to the transformative techniques that you will be using for the next three months.

Week 2: Coping with a negative

Learn powerful ways to help you deal with a negative result, thought or physical sensation.

Week 3: Reconnect with Your Body

Our mind and body are interconnected. Begin to learn how to love and trust your body again.

Week 4: Clearing for Conception

Exercises to uncover and dissolve any energetic or emotional blocks to conception. 

Week 5: Integration week

Giving you time and space to integrate the previous 4 weeks of content and dive into the bonus modules.

Week 6: Strengthening Your Support System

Infertility can cause us to isolate ourselves, this week will focus on reconnecting with your partner, friends and family and creating a support team around you.

Week 7: Letting Go

Letting go does not mean giving up, it is coming to a place of acceptance in your current situation and allowing life to unfold with ease.

Week 8: Visualise Your Future

We will be discussing why setting goals from a place of feeling is so important, taking inspired action and using visualisation to hone in on exactly what you want your future to look like including connecting with your future child.

Week 9: Integration week

Giving you time and space to integrate the previous 3 weeks of content or pick a bonus module.

Week 10: Setting Your Holistic Vision

Thinking about how you want ALL areas of your life to look both now and in your future opens up limitless possibilities and you can start to play with how you feel about things now.  

Week 11: Vision Boards and Intuition

We practise an intuition enhancing meditation and I invite you to create a visual representation of what you would like to attract into your life.

Week 12: Moving forward

We will create an ongoing support plan for the next stage on your journey incorporating the tools and techniques you have learnt over the past weeks. We will be discussing how to keep yourself moving forward towards parenthood.

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Special offer The Embrace Fertility Method and all bonuses is half price

£1111 reduced to £555 one off payment

Split payment plan 3 x £195 for 3 months

21 day money back guarantee


BONUS 1: Natural Cycle and IVF Cycle Hypnosis Packs

Coping & comfort (Days 1 – 5): Incorporating simple techniques to bring your body out of stress response, including one for pain relief.

Creating space & conception (Days 6 – 16): Releasing resistance and negative beliefs, enhancing feelings of love and gratitude, and visualising the process of conception be that naturally or with assistance.

Connection & support (Day 17+): Supporting you through the two week wait, bringing your body into deep relaxation and connecting with your body, your future child and your inner strength. 

“This hypnosis package has been amazing, it has brought me back to a calm and relaxed state every time I’ve gotten anxious, particularly through the 2 week wait. It’s had such a profound impact that I now generally feel calmer. I recommend it to anyone who is pursuing IVF, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. We have been fortunate enough to have a successful second round of IVF and just wanted to thank you for your help.” – Preet

BONUS 2: Coping with Jealousy

I have decided to include this bonus on coping with jealousy as for me this was one of the most difficult things to deal with and if you shift this your whole energy shifts.

BONUS 3: Supercharge your sleep

Nourish your mind and body with deep rest and replenishing sleep with this magical MP3.

“I’ve been resting/meditating/taking 15 mins out of my life with Naomi’s Yoga Nidra practice since October last year when I attended one of her One Day Retreats. The retreat was amazing, but the gift of Yoga Nidra I use almost daily. Never just before bed because I leave my phone in the kitchen, but normally immediately when I’ve finished work or early evening I will rest with the Yoga Nidra and then I always, without fail, feel refreshed! Thank you, Naomi, for giving me such a wonderful tool, which has had a big impact on the way I feel.” – Donna T.

Hypnosis for Natural Cycle

Hypnosis for Natural Cycle

MP3 and video pack

Hypnosis for IVF Cycle

Hypnosis for IVF Cycle

MP3 and video pack

Supercharge Your Sleep

Supercharge Your Sleep

Meditation MP3

Pain Management

Pain Management

Hypnosis MP3

 BONUS 4: Hypnosis for Pain Managment

It might surprise you to learn that hypnosis can give complete relief from pain. This works due to the fact that pain is subjective. The body sends sensory messages to the brain via our nerves and spinal-cord. Our mind then processes that information and sends impulses back down from the brain with messages to amplify, diminished or ignore those physical sensations. Painkilling drugs intercept these messages and lessen our experience of the physical sensation. Hypnosis works in the same way by intercepting these messages and instructing our unconscious, the part of us which controls all of our bodily functions, to diminish or ignore them therefore giving us relief.

BONUS 5: Surviving the holidays

Mother’s Day, Christmas, our birthdays, weddings and family celebrations are a time when it is really difficult not to think about how we had expected our lives to turn out. I share numerous techniques for not only surviving but thriving during holidays and family gatherings.

“Happiness is something I choose by counting my gratitudes. It doesn’t always make me feel happy but I usually feel more in control of my life and calmer.” – Amy Embrace Member 

BONUS 6 : Healing loss and grief

Beautiful and comforting techniques to deal with the heartache of a infertility and miscarriage.

“The course took me out of feeling depressed about my fertility problems. The biggest shift for me has been feeling like it was possible for me to be a mother and not so hopeless about what I have been through so far. It took away some of the pain.” – Ruth Embrace Member

Qoya Dance

Qoya Dance

Kate Taylor

Quantum FLow

Quantum FLow

Pippa Moss



Sarah Owen

The Connection

The Connection


“I’m enjoying everything about Embrace. I could shout about it from the rooftops! I enjoy watching/listening. It makes me feel less alone and like I’m talking to someone who really understands. I nod and smile as I’m listening.”

Hannah - Embrace Fertility Method Member

“I think the Embrace course has come at just the time I most need it for helping with the emotional toll of what’s been a much longer journey to start a family than we hoped, and I’m enjoying learning new ways of seeing and thinking about things, and also being part of a community of others going through similar experiences.”

Jo - Embrace Fertility Method Member

BONUS 7: LIVE Qoya Dance Party 

Allow yourself to connect, release and create with this powerful class with Kate Taylor of Creative Living. 

QOYA is based on a simple idea that through movement, we remember. We remember that our essence is Wise, Wild and Free. Wise evokes the wisdom of yoga, wild the creative expression in dance and free invites us to expand our capacity for pleasure in the body.

“To know that I can do things to make myself feel amazing is really good to know. It was BRILLIANT.” – Liz

“I really enjoyed it! I found some of it emotional in terms of looking at the shadow and realising how often I am playing it safe rather than being a wild and confident me! Feeling really good after that, positively energised, free and relaxed too!” – Claudia

“It was fabulous. Absolutely loved it.” – Suze

“I love twirling!”– Aisling

BONUS 8 : Three pre-recorded 30 minute Quantum flow practises to allow us to feel grounded and connected, release what is not useful to us, and call in what we desire, on a physical and energetic level with the fabulous Pippa Moss.

“Pippa’s quantum flow classes are very calming yet powerful. She gently guides you through the techniques and I feel very supported and held by her even though watching a video. I love the way I feel by the end of the class and the tingles in my body. I enjoy having a physical way to connect to my inner being as I spend the majority of the time in my head. These classes give me a new way to switch off the chatter and tune in with myself. I love the music too and am excited to share Pippa with my fertility clients.” – Naomi 

BONUS 9 : Two pre-recorded Yoga class videos from the gorgeous Sarah Owen. One calming, one energising 25 mins and 40 mins.

BONUS 10: The Connection Film

This is an amazing film about the mind-body link and I have arranged a license so that Embrace Fertility members can watch it as part of the course. 

BONUS 11: Three months membership to The Embrace Circle online support community 

A safe space to connect and share your experiences throughout the course and beyond. Lasting friendships are made in this group. 

“I joined Embrace as I wanted to find acceptance that I may never conceive or carry to term a child. What I got was friendship in general, and the friendship that Karen and I built when we were pregnant together and continuing into motherhood. Totally unexpected but I’m very grateful.” – Heather Embrace Member

BONUS 12: Four group live meditation/coaching calls spread over the 3 months.

“I don’t know anyone else who has been through this, so it was great to connect with others who had.” – Rebecca Embrace Member

“I LOVED doing the exercises as a group.” – Nicole Embrace Member

Join today and get started


Special offer The Embrace Fertility Method and all bonuses is half price

£1111 reduced to £555 one off payment

Split payment plan 3 x £195 for 3 months

21 day money back guarantee

“The two key things I loved and that I feel helped me more than anything else, were your take on ‘positive’ thinking, and the attitude of ‘yes please!’ to seeing other pregnant women. I was lucky enough to have IVF at Guys, where the success rates for a blastocyst transfer for someone my age (33) was around 50%. It was so much easier to say to myself “well, it works for 50% of the people, so why shouldn’t that include me too?”, rather than “this will work, this will work!”. It meant that my husband and I entered IVF very positively, and managed to laugh a lot throughout. PS I started the course as I was beginning my first cycle of IVF, and I am very chuffed to say that I am now 14 weeks pregnant. I sincerely believe that the techniques you share, especially EFT (which, you are right, I did feel daft doing, but had a strange magnetic draw which meant I returned to it when things were tough) played a part.”

Clare - Embrace Fertility Method Member

Coping ♥ Comfort ♥ Connection ♥  Clearing ♥ Creation

Why Choose Embrace Fertility

7 years of experience

I’m a trained cognitive hypnotherapist and specialise in mind-body fertility support. 

Support when you need it

work with women across the globe who are struggling to get and stay pregnant.


I went through infertility, IVF & miscarriage myself before conceiving naturally - twice!

I was feeling afraid of my upcoming ivf failing, so I did one of the EFT videos from the library and realised it was because I was predicting the outcome to be the be all and end all. i.e, if it failed that meant the final answer on if I would ever be a mum, like failing a test. The EFT video released that emotion and turned those thoughts around, then I felt optimism and less pressure and fear around the treatment.

Becky - Embrace Fertility Method Member

Who is The Embrace Fertility Method for?

This course IS for you:

  • If you are excited to learn powerful techniques that can improve every area of your life, your relationships, your work and your health as well as your mindset and fertility.
  • You are prepared to do the work and invest in your own happiness.
  • You are open to learning things about how the mind works and yourself that may be confronting in order to move forward and improve your life.

This course IS NOT for you: 

  • If you are just looking for a few nice meditations to passively listen to.
  • If you are looking for a quick fix to get you knocked up and you plan to ditch everything you’ve learnt once you are.
  • If you have no intention of diving deep into the emotional and physical reasons why you are not able to get stay pregnant and would rather just stay on the surface level.

How much time will I need to commit to the course?

As we know as a general rule the more effort you put in the more you get out but with mindfulness if you are forcing yourself to meditate in order to be more relaxed then it is unlikely you will feel the benefit.

You will receive a personal log in to gain access to all of the content online and will have ongoing access so you can watch/listen when convenient for you. It will be completely up to you how much you participate.

You will need to commit a minimum of 1 hour a week to the course plus 5 – 25 minutes a day to listen to the hypnosis/meditation MP3s.

I suggest as a minimum you take up the Embrace Fertility 5x6x7 challenge. Practice mindfulness meditation for 5 mins a day, 6 days a week for 7 weeks. It takes 7 weeks to form a habit and you are much more likely to be able to commit to 5 minutes a day rather than 45. Every day you practise for 5 minutes you can give yourself a gold star, any longer is a major bonus. I will explain in week one how our minds are more likely to move towards reward and shy away from daunting goals.

Frequently asked questions


Will this course help me get/stay pregnant?

As mentioned above the techniques I teach have been shown to greatly improve the chances of conception. I deeply wish that I could say to each and every woman who joins my course ‘I promise that you will get pregnant’ but that would be unethical and untrue. Not everyone who joins the course gets pregnant. However what I can promise you is that you will feel different, feel stronger, when you make changes in your life then more change is inevitable. The women who have completed this course have made some huge shifts in their lives, but maybe more noteworthy are each of the small shifts in perspective which change how they feel in the moment.

When is the best time to take this course?

The sooner you start the sooner you can benefit from the relief of practising these powerful mindbody techniques. The doors are open now and then will close until later in the year so I can focus on supporting those who choose to join now.

I have created the course in such a way that the content and techniques will be beneficial for you no matter if you’ve been trying for 6 months or 6 years or more. You can use the course if trying naturally, as preparation for IUI/IVF or do alongside. 

What if I join and then find out I’m pregnant?

Happy happy happy dance all round. The course will still be hugely beneficial for you during your first trimester. Members have fallen pregnant during the course and have enjoyed having the community and support as well as learning tools to manage any anxiety or worry that comes up in the approach to scans. I specialise in supporting women on their journeys to and through motherhood so I see clients during all stages of pregnancy. I’m very conscious of the fact that if you have been through infertility getting that positive pregnancy result can be overwhelming and women do need support through pregnancy especially if they have miscarried in the past.

It’s a big investment part of me thinks ‘Shouldn’t I save the money for fertility treatment?’

I totally get the additional pressure that having to fund fertility treatment adds to an already high tension situation. The techniques I share have been shown to greatly improve your chances of conception both naturally and through fertility treatment. Therefore there is a chance that taking this course may negate the need for treatment or reduce the amount of treatment required. More importantly these techniques are going to allow you to feel better now. Women going through fertility treatment experience the same levels of stress, anxiety and depression as those diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or AIDS. Learning how to support your mind and body fully is not only beneficial now while trying to conceive but will serve you greatly once you become a parent.

    Do you offer one to one support?

    Yes I am a trained therapist and offer one-to-one support alongside the course. My Gold package includes all of the above plus:

    – In depth feedback on your opening questionnnaire

    – 3 x 75 minute Transformation Sessions with me

    – Email support throughout the 12 weeks

    You can add additional support on at check out when you sign up to the course.

    “During our session my fears were completely released in both my mind and body. I had logically thought through my challenge, but I was still having anxiety. Afterwards my anxiety was fully released. It was truly incredible. I seriously love your coaching style and technique. You get to the root of the problem very quickly, you know exactly what techniques to use and your voice is so soothing.”– Nicole Embrace Member

    “I did an extra session to clear another area of emotional blockage. It was also very helpful to me. If I could afford it I would do one a week! I came away feeling uplifted and lighter which isn’t always the way with talking therapy.” – Becky Embrace Member

    “I was having uncontrollable feelings of anxiety at different points in the day every day and I couldn’t figure out what was causing them. Sleep wasn’t good and I felt like I was in a bad cycle and trying out lots of things to help but nothing was getting to the crux of the issue. I felt a shift during the session, not only emotionally but also physically! I had a huge release of tension that I had been carrying in my hips and belly. I felt like jelly! The shifts in thinking were also remarkable, so much more positive and happy in myself. I feel transformed, much more like the old me and more resilient. I felt safe to open up and also not pushed to say anything I wasn’t comfortable in saying. Looking back the anxiety I was experiencing was really debilitating and I didn’t really realise how much anxiety I was experiencing on a daily basis until it had gone.” – Lizzy Embrace Fertility Member

      “As the months passed my excitement dwindled and my reaction to pregnancy announcements turned from joy to jealously. I felt lost and left behind. Was this really happening to me? Why couldn’t I get pregnant?

      I felt ashamed and a failure. I didn’t want to talk about what I was going through as it was just too painful. I distanced myself emotionally from my friends and family while I dealt with my inner turmoil myself. I didn’t feel like me. I hated life and what I was going through.

      When I started Embrace I thought it was totally ridiculous that my thinking was causing my pain – it’s the situation I’m in, not me! But now I can see that it is my thinking. I accept that right now, in this moment, I am fine. Not dwelling on the past or the future makes my journey easier. My desire for a baby hasn’t gone but I know the best way to make it happen is to feel complete now.

      I stopped letting fertility define me and trusted my intuition that everything will be ok and I can and will get pregnant.

      Meditation, tapping, 1:1 support from Naomi and most of all Embrace, have turned my journey around. My affirmation is ‘I am a young, fertile goddess!’

      Keeping my mind and emotions on track isn’t easy. That’s what we’re all here to help each other do. Knowing I’m not the only one in this crazy boat is such a comfort. I have met so many beautiful, strong souls through Embrace and for that I’ll always grateful. I am doing everything in my control to welcome our baby by nourishing my mind, body and spirit.

      Deep down I know that my happy ending is not a positive pregnancy test. My happy ending is embracing life and enjoying each and every moment. But please let it be a baby as well.”

      Helen - Embrace Fertility Method Member and now mum of Zach

      “No-one deserves to have crap, after crap, after crap, piled on top of them. At some point we have to say enough is enough and we want to live again.

      It doesn’t mean I’ve changed my mind on wanting a family, I want it more than ever but I can be and am happy without one in this moment (and there’s the key right? That ‘in this moment’…that’s all we’ve got).

      One way or another, something will change and it will start to feel or look different. I can’t say how or when, but just something small will mean it changes, somehow, and it will be different.

      I know I didn’t believe this, and I wanted to punch people who told me this, but it is true. It doesn’t mean there may be this amazing outcome (I have no idea, no-one does!) it does mean nothing stays the same, everything changes.”

      Emily - Embrace Fertility Method Member recently became a mum via surrogacy

      Your fertility specialist

      I have been supporting women struggling to conceive since March 2013 and completed my Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner training later that year with Emma Roberts and Sue Beer.

      I then trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Hypnotherapy at the renowned Quest Institute in London.

      I am the creator of the Fertile Thoughts Activation Process and use these five steps in my work with one to one clients and this 12 week mindbody program.

      I have articles published in top fertility and mindbody publications such as IVF Babble and I am a Fertility Road Magazine expert contributor.

      The pilot of The Embrace Fertility Method was created while I was going through infertility and IVF myself. It documented the shift I experienced, the learning to let go. Following the course I conceived my son naturally after 46 months of trying to conceive, four rounds of fertility treatment and a miscarriage. My daughter was also conceived naturally on the first try 23 months later.

      I add adapted and added to the course of the past 2 years to give you an even deeper experience and offer additional support if you would like it.

      As featured by:

      Join today and get started


      Special offer The Embrace Fertility Method and all bonuses is half price

      £1111 reduced to £555 one off payment

      Split payment plan 3 x £195

      You can join for 21 days and then if you feel the course really isn’t for you I will give you a full refund. I ask you to commit fully during these three weeks to really give yourself the best possible chance at allowing the shift that inevitably comes with doing this type of self exploration.

      If you would prefer to pay via bank transfer just let me know.

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