“I’ve been resting/meditating/taking 15 mins out of my life with Naomi’s MP3 since October last year when I attended one of her Retreat Days. The retreat day was amazing, but the gift of Yoga Nidra I use almost daily. Never just before bed because I leave my phone in the kitchen, but normally immediately when I’ve finished work or early evening I will rest with the Yoga Nidra and then I always, without fail, feel refreshed! Thank you, Naomi, for giving me such a wonderful tool, which has had a big impact on the way I feel. – Donna
We all know that lack of sleep is hugely detrimental, not just to our health but to our quality of life. Not getting enough sleep can impact our metabolism and hormones which then has a knock-on effect to our moods, weight gain, memory and can lead to serious health issues.
So what if I told you that in just 15 minutes you can achieve the equivalent of a full hours deep sleep? Interested? I know I was when I first heard about this technique.
Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan and does this before bed to aid a good night’s sleep (1) and the US Army is employing it to help soldiers recover from post traumatic stress disorder(2).
I’ll quit teasing you now I’m talking about Yoga Nidra. Sometimes described as yogic sleep or conscious sleep. You may even have practised it at the end of a yoga class. That bit at the end where you lie down and have a mini nap.
Scientific studies have shown that people practising Yoga Nidra experience;
  • a reduction in tension and anxiety
  • an increase in the release in dopamine in the brain
  • and improvements in heart rate variability. (3)
The practice is used;
  • as treatment for insomnia
  • to improve quality of sleep
  • as an intervention in treating chronic pain
  • it can be used to heal from traumatic experiences
  • and a recent study found that it may even reduce the symptoms of diabetes and help control blood glucose levels. (4)


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