Why taking time to reflect is so important

Episode 88: On Wednesday I spent a delightful three hours at the Healing Business summer solstice business retreat. I was in my garden under a giant umbrella on Zoom and it was so lovely to dedicate that time to reflect on the previous months and set intentions for the months ahead.
In this episode I discuss how it is so easy to look back and only register the things that we haven’t done, haven’t achieved, that haven’t happened.
Where as actually if we take a full picture of our lives although it may look different to how we imagined it would by now there are still moments of achievement, moments of growth that we can be grateful for.
I suggest that you also look at what you have struggled with this year and how you have handled it, if you need additional support, are there changes you can make to support yourself through the coming months?
I invite you to set intentions for the next six months and avoid the classic “I will be pregnant by Christmas” as that is something you cannot control. You can however set intentions to support that dream and could start with answering these questions:
I intend to let go of the following from my life….
I intend to bring the following into my life…..

Listen to full episode here:

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