Last week i had one of the most powerful therapy sessions of my life!

Part of my professional commitment as a hypnotherapist myself is to ensure that I am attending to my own emotional needs and getting therapy on anything I find triggering in the sessions I do with my clients to ensure that I am not bringing my own BS to the table while supporting others.

This session was on something that happened to me months ago. Something that I have worked on personally with emotional freedom technique. I’ve also discussed it at length with my closest friends and found much healing and resolution.

Exhibiting signs of PTSD

However I knew that there was something more as I’ve been exhibiting signs of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from similar events that were triggering flashbacks and sending me into stress response.

Let me say right now that this was not a physically traumatic event but one that was purely emotional. One at the time I found upsetting and jarring but then put it under the rug and carried on.

Why is it that even as a therapist working in this field I still give more credence to the physical rather than the emotional?

The beliefs that I took on during that event included:

I don’t matter
It is not safe to voice my opinion
I am a failure
I am not enough

Hmmmmm do you think that these beliefs playing in the background of my unconscious are helping me to live my best life and serve my clients (and you) to the highest of my ability?


Tears, shaking, sweating, anger, fear.

Voice them,
feel them
release them
install the antidote phrases

I matter
It is safe to voice my opinion
I am successful
I am enough

I now feel empowered, renewed, buzzing, strong.

Podcast Episode : When a therapist needs therapy

Check out the podcast episode now search for ‘Embrace Fertility’ on your fave podcast player or hit link here.

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