It’s Halloween and everyone is talking about what scares them. It is also the first day of Fertility Awareness week so many are talking openly about their struggle to conceive.

Before I started trying for a baby the following things scared me:

  • Chesney Hawkes of ‘I am the one and only’ fame
  • Ski Lifts
  • The thought of giving birth

Once I started trying to conceive and diddly squat happened the following things began to scare me:

  • The thought I might never get to give birth
  • Even considering the possibility of never getting to be a mum

A couple of years in and the list of things I was scared of was getting bigger and more terrifying:

  • The strain infertility was putting on my relationships both with my partner and friends
  • The physical, emotional and financial burden of fertility treatments
  • The very real possibility that I might loose my ovaries to endometrial cysts

The thoughts that circled my mind constantly were terrifying me and my body was in a high state of anxiety almost constantly. I knew that I needed to do something and that my state of mind was definitely not supporting my fertility. Having learnt now that we are far less likely to conceive when stressed I’m so glad I took action when I did. (To read about the facts and figures read my blog ‘Stress versus fertility’.)

What did I do?

  • I joined an eight-week mindfulness course and learnt how my thoughts were not facts but were impacting the way I viewed my life.
  • I started a mindful practice that helped bring my body out of stress response and back into rest and relaxation.
  • I learnt emotional freedom technique and started using it to get some peace of mind.

What can you do?

Start your own mindful practice and set yourself the challenge to stick with it for at least 8 weeks. Clinical studies have shown that by practising mindfulness participants experienced up to a 70% reduction in anxiety, an increase in disease fighting antibodies – suggesting improvements to the immune system, improved sleep and a reduction in negative feelings such as anger, tension and depression. If you would like help into doing this then join the Embrace ten-week course which is a George’s marvellous medicine mix of all of the powerful mindbody techniques that allowed me to find myself again (and ultimately conceive naturally after four rounds of treatment and a miscarriage) after being diagnosed with extreme anxiety and depression stemming from infertility.

The combination of mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), emotional freedom technique (EFT), positive psychology, hypnosis and fertility visualisation will teach you to combat anxiety and negative thinking allowing you to relax and free your mind. You will have a toolkit to build your resilience and overcome jealousy, anger, anxiety and fear.

So if you would like to develop patience, trust in yourself and your ability to handle anything in your life while recapturing the excitement of when you first decided to try for a baby I invite you to take the Embrace Foundation course for FREE.

Embrace Fertility Course Outline:

Foundation Course – TAKE THIS WEEK FOR FREE

Thoughts are not facts yet our thinking shapes our reality.

Week 1: Focus on change

Slow down and assess exactly where you are today in all areas of your life. Set intentions for the course.

Week 2: Coping with a negative

Learn techniques to help deal with an negative result, thought or physical sensation.

Week 3: My body

Our mind and body are interconnected. Begin to learn how to love and trust your body again.

Week 4: Me, myself and I

The relationship we have with ourselves is the longest we will ever experience. We will expand our practice of self-compassion and discuss the phenomena of post traumatic growth and how that allows us to build resilience.

Week 5: My relationships

Infertility can cause us to isolate ourselves, this week will focus on reconnecting with your partner, friends and family and creating a support team around you.

Week 6: Letting go and what that means

Letting go does not mean giving up, it is coming to a place of acceptance in your current situation and allowing life to unfold with ease.

Week 7: Where do I want to be?

I will introduce my personal version of the coaching tool the wheel of life and explain how setting goals and intentions for every area of your life can actually help recapture the excitement of when you first decided to try for a baby.

Week 8: Focus your intention

Continuing our wheel of life exercise. We will be discussing why setting goals from a place of feeling is so important, taking inspired action and using visualisation to hone in on exactly what you want your future to look like.

Week 9: Moving forward

We will create an ongoing support plan for the next stage on your journey incorporating the tools and techniques you have learnt over the past weeks. We will be discussing how to keep yourself moving forward towards parenthood.

BONUS WEEK: Surviving the holidays

Mother’s Day, Christmas, our birthdays, weddings and family celebrations are a time when it is really difficult not to think about how we had expected our lives to turn out. In this bonus week I share numerous techniques for not only surviving but thriving during holidays and family gatherings.

Fertility Awareness Week

fertility awareness week

There’s a huge amount happening this week both online and all over the UK. Check out the Fertility network websiteThe awareness week website and their Hidden Faces campaign.

Over to You

What are you scared of and has it changed over time while trying to conceive? What coping techniques do you use? Leave a comment below or come and join the conversation within our free fertility support community.

Get the support you need

I left it far too long before seeking help and really hit rock bottom before getting the support I desperately needed. My hope is that you find Embrace Fertility and really make use of all of the support available before getting as low as I did. Check out this blog “How can I support you?” for all of the support available via Embrace Fertility.

First time visiting Embrace Fertility?

I have created a FREE Fertility Support Pack to get you started with the mindbody techniques I share. It includes an hour-long introduction to mindfulness, a 20 minute emotional freedom technique video tutorial, a 5 minute meditation and an e-book that includes 10 easy ways to bring mindfulness into your day. For your free pack sign-up.

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