Three powerful ways to use journaling while trying to conceive

Three powerful ways to use journaling while trying to conceive

Let me start by saying journalling is just a fancy word to describe using a pen and paper to write things down as part of your own personal development. I have been journalling since I was eight years old! Writing plays a big part in how I express myself and get in touch with how I really feel about things. Today on the Embrace Fertility podcast I share three powerful ways to use journaling while trying to conceive to support yourself and your fertility.

Three powerful ways to use journaling while trying to conceive

Number One : To Vent

Use journaling to rant, pour out your heart, express your emotions. In week two of The Embrace Fertility Method I invite members to write a letter of complaint. This can be addressed to infertility, God, Life, The Universe, your body; use it as a formal way to list all of the things that you are not happy about. This can be healing in it’s own right but to supercharge this exercise use EFT Tapping to clear the trauma, upset and anger while you read your letter aloud. In the podcast I mention the study that I’ve linked below on why this is so beneficial not just in the moment but for our ongoing emotional and physical health.

Number Two: To Express Gratitude

Start a gratitude journal to express love and gratitude for things that happened in your distant or recent past to raise your mood and vibration. Next connect in with what you want to bring into your life and use writing to help you energetically align with what you desire. Write in the present tense as if it has already happened and write about all areas of your life not just fertility;

“I am so so grateful that I am pregnant with my growing healthy baby, my body is fertile and strong, my relationship is loving and fun, our home is beautiful and comforting, my work is easy and enjoyable.”

Number Three: To Question

Your journal can be your very own fertility coach, ask yourself questions and then question your responses to your answers.

Good coaching questions to ask yourself are:

Is that true?

Who taught me that?

Is this helpful?

What do I really want?

Do I want to keep this belief?

What is beneath that?

How to use journaling while trying to get pregnant

In this week’s episode I explore this topic in more depth, go and download now. Search for ‘Embrace Fertility’ on your favourite podcast player or listen here.

Study I mentioned:  Writing about emotions may ease stress and trauma


In the study it notes that writing in this way can make you feel worse which is why I suggest teaming it with EFT tapping. You can watch a tutorial video on how to do this here EFT Tapping.

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