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Feedback for my classes

Thanks so much that was really freeing and interesting!

Thank you for doing this Naomi! It was a relaxing visualisation experience 🙂

That’s really quite powerful ❤

I’m Naomi Woolfson, a mind-body therapist and coach specialising in fertility.

The techniques I share and teach are the ones that transformed not only the way I was approaching trying for a baby, but every other area of my life.

Learning mind-body techniques allowed me to regain my strength and happiness BEFORE I fell pregnant. I conceived on our final round of IVF three and a half years into trying for a baby but then miscarried and instead of plummeting into depression I felt hopeful and expectant for the future.

Three months later I conceived my son naturally and 23 months later I conceived my daughter, again naturally and on the first try!

I’m so excited to be able to share this with you.


"The first session was like magic. I couldn't believe how quickly it helped me.

Beforehand I just couldn't stop thinking about infertility. Afterwards it receded a bit. It didn't feel like the centre of the universe any more.

I didn't feel like bursting into tears all the time either. It was like a switch had been thrown in my mind. I almost felt absurd for how I had been feeling in the past." 


"I feel accepted and understood by Naomi and I don’t have to hold back. I feel heard by her and she is helping me to hear myself.

I realise how much I hold back generally and I'm realising now it’s ok not to be ok and to be completely honest with myself, not just say the right thing to myself or to others. "


"I was struggling with negativity and fear. The visualisation in our last session I felt helped calm some of my fears about the future and make them less scary.

Naomi has held my hand through the emotional rollercoaster of fertility. Checking in on me and giving me tips and info along the way. Her resources really helped get me through my first IVF cycle and beyond."


"I know I have only been doing the course for a couple of days but I am already feeling the benefit in that I feel a bit more positive about the future.

I think just making time each evening to do something for myself is making me feel better and my insomnia has lifted this week aswell after 2 very long weeks."


“During our session my fears were completely released in both my mind and body. I had logically thought through my challenge, but I was still having anxiety.

Afterwards my anxiety was fully released. It was truly incredible. I seriously love your coaching style and technique. You get to the root of the problem very quickly, you know exactly what techniques to use and your voice is so soothing.”


"The Embrace course is changing my the way I feel about myself.

Naomi is making me see myself the way the people I love see me."


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Your details will remain private and will be used to send you your invite and to sign up to my weekly newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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