Course Timetable

Week 1: Set the foundation

An introduction to the transformative techniques that you will be using for the next three months.

Week 2: Coping with a negative

Learn powerful ways to help you deal with a negative result, thought or physical sensation.

Week 3: Reconnect with Your Body

Our mind and body are interconnected. Begin to learn how to love and trust your body again.

Week 4: Self-Compassion to Build Resilience

The relationship we have with ourselves is the longest we will ever experience. We will expand our practice of self-compassion and discuss the phenomena of post traumatic growth and how that allows us to build resilience.

Week 5: Integration week

Giving you time and space to integrate the previous 4 weeks of content.

Week 6: Strengthening Your Support System

Infertility can cause us to isolate ourselves, this week will focus on reconnecting with your partner, friends and family and creating a support team around you.

Week 7: Reigniting Your Passions

Techniques for reviving passion, not just in the bedroom but in all areas of your life. This is a super fun week.

Week 8: Making Peace with Life’s Circumstances

Letting go does not mean giving up, it is coming to a place of acceptance in your current situation and allowing life to unfold with ease.

Week 9: Integration week

Giving you time and space to integrate the previous 21 days content.

Week 10: Setting Your Holistic Vision

I will introduce my personal version of the coaching tool the wheel of life and explain how setting goals and intentions for every area of your life can actually help recapture the excitement of when you first decided to try for a baby.

Week 11: Focus your intention

We will be discussing why setting goals from a place of feeling is so important, taking inspired action and using visualisation to hone in on exactly what you want your future to look like. We will practise the ‘Connecting with your future child’ meditation.

Week 12: Moving forward

We will create an ongoing support plan for the next stage on your journey incorporating the tools and techniques you have learnt over the past weeks. We will be discussing how to keep yourself moving forward towards parenthood.

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