I'm Naomi, creator of The Embrace Fertility Method, giving you the tools to enhance your fertility. Empowering you to feel calm and confident while trying to conceive and during pregnancy following infertility.

I offer 1 to 1 mindful fertility coaching, hypnotherapy, hypnosis MP3s, pregnancy support and the Embrace Bump to Baby online hypnobirthing course. Scroll down to access.  

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Giving you the tools to feel calm and confident on your journey to parenthood. The Embrace Fertility Method combines powerful mindbody techniques with group coaching to create a comprehensive 12 week programme that empowers and uplifts.

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3 hypnosis MP3s and a video to support you throughout your entire cycle.

£45 – Buy

3 hypnosis MP3s and a video to support you throughout your entire cycle of IVF.

£45 – Buy

A meditation that focuses on cultivating feelings of gratitude for your body while trying to conceive when perhaps feeling let down by your body.

£7 – Buy

Incorporating simple techniques that bring comfort and ease physical discomfort as well as emotional upset. This MP3 is included in the IVF and Natural Hypnosis packages.

£14 – Buy

This MP3 is perfect for period/endometriosis pain, blood tests, internal scans, recovering following a laparoscopy and childbirth.

£9 – Buy

Christmas is a time for gratitude for all that we have, the flipside of this being that it is also a time when it is especially difficult not to grieve for that which we do not.

£24 – Buy

Pregnancy and birth

I've paired an affirmation MP3 with a 20 minute hypnosis and visualisation for pregnancy MP3.

£14 – Buy

The Embrace Bump to Baby course educates and inspires, allowing you to work with your body, baby and birthing team to have a calm and enjoyable birth.

£149 – Buy

This MP3 is perfect for pregnancy aches and pains and for use in childbirth.

£9 – Buy

Utilising hypnosis and acupressure to give relief from morning sickness in pregnancy.

£9 – Buy

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