She’s bloody done it!


When Jessica Hepburn first told me she was planning to swim the Channel I thought she had gone loopy. I love sea swimming but 30 minutes is my max followed by a hot shower and a hot chocolate even in the height of summer. Swimming the Channel with no wetsuit and no restbite is a whole different kettle of jellyfish!

Jessica has been training hard for months and her dedication is inspiring. She is raising money for two fantastic charities for families who do not have the children they long for and children who do not have the families they deserve.

Last weekend she completed her swim here’s a snippet of her story…

“I did it! I told you it was going to be epic and it was. I set off in darkness at 1am and the first couple of hours were fine until I started to be violently sick, probably as a result of nerves and the fumes from the support boat which I wasn’t used to swimming alongside. This slowed me down considerably and as a result the tide took me far off course. Then in the middle part of the swim I had to make my way through thousands upon thousands of jellyfish which stung me all over. The official Channel Swimming Observer who was on board to ratify my swim said that they were the worst she’d ever seen but on the positive side they did make me speed up just to get away from them. Then right at the end I got swept down the coast of France and it took me several hours to land and in spite of everything that had happened earlier, it was the most challenging part of the swim. I was physically exhausted and France looked tantalisingly close yet I just couldn’t reach it. But eventually I did and when my feet touched the sand, it was the most profound and incredible experience I’ve ever had. All I could murmur was ‘I did it. I swam from England to France. I did it.’ It took me 17 hours and 44 minutes but I can now proudly say I am A Channel Swimmer.” – Jessica

So far she has raised over £5000 for the Infertility Network UK sponsor her here to show your support for this amazing charity and the valuable work that INUK do to support couples struggling to conceive.

She is also fundraising for the Lyric Hammersmith and in particular for their work with children in care. You can learn more about this at www.justgiving.com/Jessica-Hepburn/

Jessica describes her Channel Challenge as part childhood dream, part midlife crisis. It all started a couple of years ago when after multiple rounds of unsuccessful IVF, she decided she needed to do something big with her life. She wrote a book called The Pursuit of Motherhood and became a trustee of the Infertility Network UK.

Click here to read my book review of ‘The Pursuit of Motherhood’.

Visit Jessica’s website www.thepursuitofmotherhood.com for the full story of her swim.

Over to you

Has infertility inspired you to do something big? I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below or come and join the conversation within our fertility support community.

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