Preparing for IVF / IUI / ICSI – Emotionally and Energetically

We prepare physically and practically for treatment, adjusting our diet, supplements, doing blood tests, monitoring etc but what about preparing emotionally and energetically?

I limped into treatment physically and emotionally exhausted, I was viewing treatment as a last resort after I tried everything to help us conceive naturally. I put together this blog on how you can improve your chances of success by preparing for IVF emotionally and energetically.

  1. Build up your resilience and reserves and share how I went into treatment with a completely empty tank. Do this by depressed diet clearing your schedule of training activities and adding nourishing activities in.
  2. Clear your fears knowledge, journalling, emotional freedom technique, art therapy I also talk about an exercise I’m going to share in the workshop where you visualise each stage of getting pregnant and giving birth and being a parent to see if there are any major emotional blocks such as a fear of childbirth.
  3. Engage the mindbody link to improve your chances of success. I share the studies which show that women have experienced anxiety or depression after one round of treatment they’re less likely to have success the flip side of this being the studies that show using my body link can improve your chances including . I share a free visualisation and people join my mailing list.


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