pregnancy support session

If you are feeling in need of support then consider booking a pregnancy support session. Feedback from a recent client session:

“I had just found out that I was pregnant and was feeling very anxious about miscarrying as I had with my last pregnancy. I was also worried about possible morning sickness symptoms. I decided to book a session with Naomi as I had really enjoyed the Embrace course and particularly enjoyed Naomi’s weekly videos. She has a lovely natural style, like you are chatting to your best friend. I also like the humour she brings to an often upsetting situation.

Booking a personal session felt like a good thing to do to help me cope. I found the session really relaxed and informal, but I felt like I got a lot out of it. The guided hypnosis was really good, I love how Naomi included my husband and family into the visualisation. It made it all more real to me and to have this as a personal MP3 to use again afterwards is wonderful. I love it.

Following the session I feel more relaxed about the pregnancy and feel like I can get excited even though things could still possibly go wrong. I felt and still feel like I will be able to cope whatever happens. I would definitely recommend a pregnancy support session to others and would look to do another session. Maybe nearer the end of my pregnancy, to cope with the anxiety of impending labour and motherhood.”

Check out my one-to-one support page to find out about the techniques I am trained in.


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