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I met Tessa at a mother and baby event last week and absolutely love her pregnancy and birth colouring book. Here is a little blog about it from Tessa:

I started doodling

I teach Pregnancy Yoga in Caversham and started doodling in the evenings after my daughters had gone to bed.  The result is my Pregnancy and Birth Colouring Book, which has positive images related to pregnancy and birth for expectant mamas to colour in as they wait for their baby.  The affirmations around each image support you in reflecting on your preparation for the birth and resonate beautifully with a hypnobirthing approach.

Each image is surrounded with a circular pattern, creating a mandala. This is a traditional Buddhist technique for developing mindfulness, and I’ve used it here to create a protective space for your pregnancy. I wanted different senses to be involved so there is also two relaxation tracks that you can listen to (accessed here).

Have a look at my little videos to see inside the book.

You can see more about the Colouring Book, my Birth Affirmation cards and Mother & Baby Yoga DVD at www.tessayoga.co.uk/findoutmore and lots of FREE pregnancy resources at www.tessayoga.co.uk/pregnancy-resources.

First time visiting Embrace Bump to Baby?

I created the affirmations and hypnosis for pregnancy pack to support you right from the very start of your pregnancy and now my Embrace Bump to Baby confident pregnancy and birth course is alive and kicking.

A woman’s body is designed to give birth and part of the natural process of birth involves her body releasing endorphins and oxytocin our natural painkillers. The Embrace Bump to Baby course replaces anxiety and fear of birth with education and inspiration.

  • Learn how to numb body parts using hypnosis
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Superhero birth partner training
  • Acupressure and massage techniques
  • Mindfulness coaching

Carve out some time each week for you to connect to your body, baby and partner.

A blend of hypnobirthing, mindfulness, practical preparation and having a chuckle during pregnancy. This 4 week course teaches you a range of techniques allowing you to work with your body, baby and birthing team to experience an empowered and calm birth no matter what happens on the day – induction, c-section whatever.

Take the first week of the online course for free now

For your FREE MP3 ‘Daily chill out for mums and dads-to-be’ and to take the first week of the Embrace Bump to Baby course for FREE sign up now. YES PLEASE SEND ME MY MP3.

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