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If you are looking for one-to-one support then I highly recommend contacting my colleague Emily while I am on leave.


Resilience doesn’t mean being positive and strong, or showing happiness all the time. Resilience is only tested when we face adversity, and conversely someone who hasn’t faced hardships may never know how resilient they are or need to be. So what happens when you do face difficult times? How do you cope and manage through them, or even potentially thrive after them? Can seem impossible, right?

It’s not impossible, but it isn’t always easy and that’s why getting support to cover all the elements of resilient thinking and resilient behaviours is available.

About Emily

Emily is a health psychologist and coach and has faced her own adversities with cancer, fertility challenges and pregnancy losses. Read her story here. She brings well researched practice and thousands of hours of support to her coaching practice to provide a space where you can move forward from the challenges you’re facing – to cope, manage or potentially even thrive, however hards that seems right now.
Emily brings with her a wealth of experience from her work in the NHS as well as her private practice. I’m so pleased to be able to refer you to her whilst i’m on leave. She and I have worked together for 3 years now and I loved our coaching sessions as she allow me to voice what I needed to and helped me to view things from a different perspective.
You may feel she’s particularly relevant to contact if you are struggling with what direction to take in your fertility journey or are coming to the end of treatment or your current options.
You can contact her on email or make a direct appointment with her to chat through what you’re experiencing here:
You can book a free 30 minute chat with Emily here:

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