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If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I encourage women to nurture and nourish themselves while trying to conceive. It is so easy to find self-care at the end of a very long list of fertility preparations, appointments and general all-consuming worry.

The Little Things

Over the years I have realised that I need to pay attention to the little things in life and if I drift too far off course my emotional well-being is affected. I worked myself into the ground with my last career and even simple things like having a leisurely bath and catching up with friends seemed hard to fit in as my to-do list grew and grew. Having my hair cut is always one of those things that gets bumped as it is far too easy to twist it up into a bun and forget about it. It feels like my life is on fast forward at the moment and I realised last week that I had not had my hair cut in about eight months.

Time for me

If I don’t make the time to take care of me I feel like life is getting on top of me. So I thought I would write about the importance of self-care and loving yourself what with Valentine’s Day coming up next week.

before  hair cut

Here are some gorgeous photos of me before and after my much-needed visit to the hairdressers. I was feeling exhausted and a bit flat and an hour that was all about me felt delicious and much needed.

So my point is what are the things that help keep you emotionally and physically balanced?

Here is my list

In order for me to keep happy I need to ensure I have time in my life for the following:

  • Basic physical self-care which includes having long baths and clean laundry. It may sound silly but actually having the time and energy to tick off those domestic chores does play a part in how I feel emotionally
  • At least eight hours sleep a night ideally nine hours in bed as it takes me awhile to fall asleep (so tempting to stay up writing though must kick this bad habit.)
  • Preparing nutritious and satisfying meals
  • A relatively tidy house (I can hear those of you that have been to my house chuckling but I did use the word relatively!)
  • Having my hair cut on a regular basis
  • Next level up is my emotional well-being, so having quiet time to myself each day
  • Spending quality time with Luke, Jasper and Mia (I know I am too busy when I don’t have time to pamper the cat!)
  • Keeping in regular contact with family and friends
  • Having time to journal, exercise and meditate
  • Then having fun for the sake of having fun, it is very easy when you are striving towards yours goal to put fun on hold but we need to shake off our serious selves as much as possible and find the humour in life.

It felt good to treat myself

Following my haircut, I then planned a night out with the hubby and we ended up having non-alcoholic cocktails at the Oxo tower before heading to a friends 40th birthday bash. (Jessica who used to run the Fulham Fertility Friends group. She now has three kids and was rocking the party looking gorgeous!)


These very simple actions made a world of difference to how I felt both at the time and ongoing.

Over to you

What are you going to do to nurture yourself this week? Come and join us in the Embrace Fertility support community to join in the conversation.

How can I support you?

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Thank you to www.flickr.com/photos/quinndombrowski/ for use of the heart photo.

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