I am open to discussing collaborations, guest blogs, podcast interviews etc. to share on my various websites/platforms or on yours.

My talk “Happier, healthier and more relaxed in just three minutes a day” was part of the MindBelly Connection Fertility summit.

I ran an online workshop on using hypnosis and mindfulness to reduce stress and enhance fertility during the Fertile Mind fertility summit.

My article ‘EFT for Coping with Infertility and Enhancing Fertility’ at thetappingsolution.com has been shared over 5000 times.

I have been interviewed by the gorgeous Alice Rose When I interviewed…..a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Hypnotherapist

I have had articles featured in the Fertility Network and Fertility Specialist magazines and featured on Fertility Road.com.

I’ve spoken on The Fertility Podcast, shared my experiences of motherhood following infertility on The Happy Mama podcast and featured on The Joy of Being podcast with Marina Pearson.

I created a workshop on using picture tapping with children for New Generation Parenting.

My Expertise

I set up  Embrace Fertility to offer inspiration, support and community for those struggling to conceive, going through fertility treatment or who are now pregnant following difficulties.

I trained in emotional freedom techniques (EFT) with master practitioners Emma Roberts and Sue Beer and became a practitioner in September 2013.

I completed a mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) course with Evolving Minds to deepen my understanding and personal practice.

I then trained in cognitive hypnotherapy with Trevor Silvester the founder of this revolutionary new therapy at Quest Institute London. I have a diploma in cognitive hypnotherapy and am a certified practitioner of neuro linguistic programming (NLP).

I’m the creator of The Embrace Fertility Method a 10 week online course.

Having completed my Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing practitioner training I created Embrace Bump to Baby the online birth preparation course with a difference and am now able to support clients throughout their entire journey to parenthood. www.embracebumptobaby.co.uk

My ‘More Mojo for Mums’ podcast is an honest insight into bringing mindfulness to parenting. www.moremojoformums.co.uk and my first one day retreat will be on the 5th October.

Networking Group

I run a networking group for professionals working in the fields of fertility, birth and motherhood. Come join us: www.facebook.com/groups/fertilitypregnancybirthprofessionals

Seminars & Workshops

I am available for public speaking on a range of topics including stress management, resilience and well-being, mindfulness, cognitive hypnotherapy, emotional freedom techniques, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

I ran monthly fertility support group meetings and well-being workshops from April 2013 for my group Embrace Fertility and the charity Fertility Network until I was too heavily pregnant for it to be appropriate. Group sizes ranged from 4 to 15 members.

Interquest is a bi-monthly event hosted to allow Quest Institute trained hypnotherapists to connect and continue their professional development. I was invited to talk about the benefits introducing mindfulness to clients and simple ways of doing so.

“Although I have a basic understanding of mindfulness Naomi’s presentation was a revelation. Her passion for mindfulness and what it can achieve with clients and the precise and interesting way she put across her subject left me feeling equally enthusiastic and with a new understanding. I have since used some of the techniques she gave us to help my clients with excellent results. Naomi is a professional and excellent presenter and trainer.” – Lesley McCall Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Feedback from my Embrace Bump to Baby birth preparation course has been heartwarming:

The relaxation techniques and EFT were great but also just learning by listening to Naomi talk to so sensibly about it all. I think the most useful part is knowing I have these ‘tools in my cupboard’ and the fact that a lot of the things, especially the mindfulness, resonates with a lot of things in daily life and will be something to continue using outside of pregnancy. 

Now I definitely feel more up for it and excited – I wish I didn’t have so long to wait! The course has helped me to feel positive about birth and effectively allowed me to process it rather than blocking it out with some assumption of horror. I will definitely recommend the course to friends and family.” Olivia: 5*/5*

I am happy to run seminars or workshops. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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