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I originally started writing about the power of setting intentions but I have decided to save that post and instead set myself a challenge which I invite you to join me on. Every year my resolutions list would read something like this;

Feel less stressed

Feel happier

Feel more connected to my friends and family

Be more organised

Generic statements without actually making plans of how I intended to make each of them a reality. The year I had recently completed my eight week mindfulness course I realised that each of my resolutions could be realised through mindfulness. The art of being mindful allowed me to dramatically reduce my stress level therefore allowing me to feel happier. Being mindful allowed me to connect on a deeper level with my friends and family and the combination of feeling less stressed, more relaxed and more connected allowed me to be more focused with my time and therefore more organised. Boom!

This year’s resolutions

Mindfulness became a huge part of my life, both the act of practising being mindful both in everyday tasks and sitting meditating, but also in my professional life as I began to share the techniques with others. To learn more about mindfulness read my blog ‘What is mindfulness?’ Yesterday when I sat down to consider this year’s resolutions I realised that although I am still mindful in my everyday tasks I have not actively practised being mindful for some time. That being I have not sat down, closed my eyes and turned my attention purely towards my physical body or inwards to my thoughts. I realised that it has been over two months since my last sitting practice and that fact shocked me somewhat.

When mindfulness becomes a daily habit you notice it’s absence as much as you would be acutely aware if you had forgotten to brush your teeth. But somehow mindfulness has slipped from my routine and I miss it. It’s all too easy to set aside time for ourselves when we ‘need’ to. That being when we are facing a physical or emotional upset and hope that by practising we will ease our suffering.

The real test

The real test comes when everything is fine, the days and weeks pass and our attention to our own need to nourish and nurture ourselves fades into the background of everyday demands. The joy of mindfulness is to build up and keep that reservoir of resilience so that the hard times do not shake us in the way they might once have.

Imagine it as rowing along on the surface of a lake. Everything can seem hunky-dory but there are rocks just below the surface and if your resilience is low it only takes a small drought to run your boat onto those rocks. However the more resilient you are the deeper the water and the more drought you can withstand before you are stopped in your tracks.

What is my challenge?

So I challenge myself to bring mindfulness back into my daily routine and I invite you to join me. Let us each take just 5 minutes a day to sit and do nothing! You can focus on your breath or part of your body. I have recorded a five minute mindfulness MP3 to help you get started, to download it for free just Click Here.

Keep connected

It has been proven that by making a public declaration of your intentions you are far more likely to succeed so I invite you to make a declaration either on the Embrace Fertility secret community group page. To join click here and tick box. I will be writing about my own progress on the page and the Embrace Fertility public page.

For how long are we doing this?

I’m planning to do the Embrace Fertility 5x6x7 challenge.  5 mindful minutes, 6 days a week for 7 weeks. It takes just 7 weeks to form a new habit and since I want mindfulness to be part of my daily routine I know I need to keep at it for a prolonged period of time to rebuild that habit. So what challenge you setting yourself, would you like to join me for a week, a month or the full seven weeks?

I want to really embrace this

If you would like to learn more mindful practices and have the MP3s and exercises to support you then the 4 and 10 week online courses to support those trying to conceive, going through fertility treatments or who are now pregnant following infertility would be perfect. Includes membership to the Embrace – More Mojo online community.

I would have never have got this far without the support from the online group, and the techniques and tools I learnt on the Embrace course. Every time I see a pregnant woman I think “yes please!” No longer do I sob for hours thinking ‘why can’t it be me’, instead I feel warm and happy to know that although my journey is longer than theirs, I will be a better, more balanced person, and a better mother for it.

– Karen

SPECIAL OFFER: Join the first week for free and read more about Embrace click here.

Over to you

Are you with me for my mindfulness challenge? Come and join us in the Embrace Fertility support community to join in the conversation and download your free fertility support pack which includes the five minute mindfulness MP3 to get you started.

One to one

I am a cognitive hypnotherapist, NLP and emotional freedom technique practitioner. I offer one to one support on Skype/Facetime and in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK. To read about how cognitive hypnotherapy can benefit you while trying to conceive read ‘Can hypnosis get you pregnant?’. Contact me to book your free 20 minute consultation to discuss how I can support you on your journey to motherhood. Let me know when would be the best time to ring you.

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