Today on The Embrace Fertility Podcast I share a case study of working with a fertility client and the type of shift that is possible using the mind-body fertlity techniques I specialise in.

I also talk about how next week I’ll be hosting a brand-new three day event to inspire and uplift. This is for you if you feel like you are on a hamster wheel. If month after month goes by and it feels like nothing is happening. You’re scared of it never happening and the not knowing is excruciating.

Client Testimonial:

1. What did you think of the technique?

The different parts of the technique were helpful in their own way. Just talking through negative beliefs and identifying them, saying them out loud is a relief in its own but going through them and finding an antidote statement helped to open my mind to the possibility. When I have negative beliefs it can be difficult to think anything is true outside of the belief so working through them and finding an alternative statement was eye opening. When I think about my life without the negative beliefs my body felt much more at ease. When starting the bilateral tapping a whole body relaxation occurred which allowed my mind to be clear, moving to the butterfly tapping literally did feel like there were new connections being made in my body. Although so much of this was working on my mindset and thoughts around time and our fertility journey it really became more of a whole body experience.

2. What happened for you in terms of a mindset shift during the session?

Initially my mind was occupied around the passing of time and the continued months that passed without a positive pregnancy test. After the session it was not that this thought was erased but when I had the thought there was no negative feeling associated with it. I could think it but I did not feel connected or defined by it, and it did not give me the same emotions of sadness, failure, hopelessness that the thoughts brought on before. I shifted more into a mindset of opportunity and hope while feeling I could be more present and not as preoccupied by these thoughts.

3. How are you feeling now looking back on the session?

I’m feeling hopeful again and much more present. Looking back on the session I can see how my thoughts and beliefs do not necessarily have to be my truth.

4. How do you feel now when you think about the original negative scenarios?

I feel they are untrue. I feel my mindset is stronger in a way, that these thoughts can come into my mind but I can let them go without them causing a cascade of negative emotions that then impact my attitude, mood and feelings about our fertility journey.

Listen to the episode here or over on The Embrace Fertility Podcast.

From Surviving to Thriving – 3 Day Mind-Body Fertility Event

♥ Day 1 : Living in survival mode.

Does it feel like you are living in a constant state of uncertainty? In this workshop I explain how going through infertility impacts our brain, nervous system and mental health.

♥ Day two : Reset. Re-educate. Reaffirm

I will teach you how to calm your body and soothe your mind to bring instant relief.

I’ll explain the science of why this type of work is so powerful and can help you FEEL BETTER AND MORE IN CONTROL no matter what’s going on for you right now.

♥ Day 3 : Thriving

You will experience a powerful guided visualisation and I’ll explain how to use the techniques I’ve shared to thrive during infertility and double your chances of success.


Email me with any questions naomi@embracefertility.co.uk.

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