A free online fertility expo launches this weekend giving free access to leading experts.

Here’s my stand for the IVFBabble online expo. Live event this weekend. Come and say hi.

A note from Tracey and Sara the founders of IVFBabble: “We are very excited to have created something we wish we’d had when we were going through our own fertility journeys. We hope it is going to really help you with yours. Since launching IVFbabble.com, our mission is to provide the ultimate support platform for anyone trying to conceive, to help you really enhance your chances of a successful pregnancy, with guidance from leading fertility experts, and comfort and support from our incredible TTC community. Between us and our husbands, we have experienced PCOS, OHSS, miscarriages, blocked tubes, polyps, a thyroid issue, endometriosis, poor sperm quality and motility IUI, IVF, and ICSI.

Our own fertility journeys were long, confusing, distressing and lonely. We didn’t ask questions, we didn’t reach out to others going through IVF . . . we don’t want this to be the case for you

We want you to be properly diagnosed and to understand your diagnosis.

We want you to understand what fertility treatment options are available to you.

We want you to understand the cost of fertility treatment.

We want to help you get your body fertility fit.

We want you to make sure you have every one of your questions answered.

We want you to know you that we are here for you and that together.

Come and join us at the virtual fertility expo this weekend, for our first live event. Our experts will be waiting at their booths to answer your questions.”

Go to this article to learn more and to register for your free place.

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