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My intentions

My intention with this interview series is to open up the conversation around why support and connection while trying to conceive and going through treatment are so important.  I want to introduce new people and ideas to my audience and let people know that there is support from many different people, using various techniques and at different budgets (from free upwards). 

I want to build up the credibility of my podcast and YouTube channel, increase my social media following and mailing list. At the end of the interview I will ask you to let people know how they can get in touch with you and if you have a freebie you would like to offer them, I will also invite people to subscribe to my podcast/ YouTube channel and mailing list. 

I really enjoy chatting to like-minded people and feel that our conversations can be of benefit to those struggling with infertility.

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In Advance

In advance to our chat please could you send me: 

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The importance of emotional support while going through infertility or IVF

In this interview we:

  • Each share our own personal experiences of what it was like before and after learning how to really understand ourselves while trying to conceive.
  • Discuss the concept ‘What if infertility was an invitation to find out who the hell you are before your baby arrives?
  • Share our fave ways to soothe and calm ourselves.
  • The techniques we still reach for now we are mums.
  • Why getting the right emotional support while going through infertility or IVF can make such a difference. 

All about Kiki

Kiki struggled to conceive and had to go through three rounds of IVF and experienced all the outcomes: 1 that didn’t work, 1 that worked and 1 that ended in miscarriage. She became an infertility coach to share her hard learned lessons and provide the support she wished she had. Her mission is to help her infertility sisters understand that their feelings are valid and that they do not have to go through this emotional rollercoaster of infertility alone. She’s from Connecticut but calls South Carolina home, loves listening to music, T Rex jokes, snail mail, mascara and talking.

Kiki’s coaching is tailored for women who need infertility treatments to grow their family, yet feel like they’ve lost their control, their joy & their hope in the process. She helps you take back control, build up the belief that you will become a mother, and create a toolkit to lean on during the tough days. All while providing support from someone who understands. To get the support you need, to have a safe space to be authentically you, and to know that someone is right by your side along the way.

Support from Kiki

Website: https://www.BigSisSays.com/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ttc_kiki/

Freebie: https://www.subscribepage.com/bestinfertilityadvice


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Info about me

Naomi Woolfson, of Embrace Fertility, is a therapist who specialises in supporting women through trying to conceive, fertility treatments and then pregnancy and birth following infertility. She and her partner went through almost 4 years of infertility, IUI’s, IVF, anxiety, surgery and a miscarriage before they went on to conceive both of their ginger children naturally!

On the ‘Embrace Fertility’ podcast she offers emotional support and shares mind-body techniques to help you feel calm and confident and ultimately find yourself again while waiting for your baby.

Naomi runs a 12 week mind-body programme guiding women through the 5 steps of her unique Embrace Fertility Method; Comfort, Coping, Connection, Clearing and finally Creating.

Visit www.embracefertility.co.uk to download Naomi’s free “3 ways to stress less and enhance fertility using the mind-body link.” Which includes the first chapter of her upcoming book, a three minute reset MP3 and a beautiful guided visualisation. 

Follow her on insta @embracefertility (www.instagram.com/embracefertility) and Facebook. (www.facebook.com/embracefertility)

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Any questions email me naomi@embracefertility.co.uk

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