Fertility Expert Interview Series

Every week for the next month I will be bringing you fantastic interviews with fertility experts.
This week is Kezia Ashley Okafor The Infertility Counsellor and we are talking about fertility mindset.

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In this interview:

Introducing this gorgeous human being Kezia Ashley Okafor – The Infertility Counsellor who is not only the author of Flipping the Script on Infertility, a fertility mindset coach and infertility counsellor but is my latest podcast guest.

Here’s a little taster of what we talked about:

“You can choose to look at life through a lens of positivity or a lens of negativity and the one you choose greatly influences how your life looks.”

“We go through infertility and think ‘Right that’s it I’m done. I’ve done my quota of shit, it’s over.’ But the reality is there going to be other challenges in life. Mindset work sets you up for those challenges.”

“I don’t want to think about the bad things that could happen. I want to think about the potential good things because if I focus on that I’m more likely to experience that whereas if I keep focusing on the bad things I’m very likely to experience more of that.”

What we talked about:
🧠How your thoughts impact your fertility journey
🧠The science of how the brain works
🧠How your thoughts create feelings and feelings create behaviour
🧠How are you can choose to look at life through a lens of positivity or a lens of negativity and the one you choose greatly influences how your life looks
🧠The law of attraction and how we are talking about something so much more powerful than trying to force yourself to stay positive so you magically get pregnant
🧠How when we are unconscious of the thoughts in our minds we have no choice or ability to change them and how to bring unconscious thinking to the surface
🧠How when I first heard about mindfulness I thought it was a way to press mute on the voice in my head and we discuss what it really is
🧠How any completely random bollocky thought can pop into your head at any minute and you don’t have control of that but we do have control of what we do with that thought and of the next thought!
🧠Why these tools are for life not just for infertility
🧠How your response to infertility is shaped by your own upbringing
🧠How infertility can shape the type of mother you are going to be

All about Kezia

Through my own journey through secondary (in)fertility I was introduced to therapy and then mindset work – both in their own ways changed my life and change my experience of infertility. Therapy helped me to see that there was a missing link between infertility and its impact on mental health. Mindset work helped me to put into practice what therapy describes in theory. I now use both in my work to help women through their journey of infertility.

I wrote Flipping the Script on Infertility to share what I discovered through my fertility struggles, I take you on a journey of self-therapy and mindset practices that will really help you to discover who you are and why infertility is impacting you in the way that it is.

I am a true believer that no matter the outcome every woman deserves to know she is worthy and find fulfilment in her life today and every day.

All the best

Kezia x

Connect with Kezia

Kezia Ashley Okafor

Author of Flipping the Script on Infertility

Instagram: @theinfertilitycounsellor

Facebook: @theinfertilitycounsellor

Twitter: kezia_okafor

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