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I’m writing this post to make you aware of all of the support that is available to you. I left it far too long before seeking help and really hit rock bottom before getting the support I desperately needed. My hope is that you find Embrace Fertility and really make use of all of the resources available before getting as low as I did. So how can I support you?

The website

Embrace Fertility is 6 years old! See the inspiration section for a whole host of blogs on subjects such as mindfulness, jealousy and stress and my own personal experience of infertility, IVF and miscarriage. I am also inviting members to share their stories you can read the first two now Henrietta’s story and Karen’s story. Get in touch if you have particular subject matter you would like me to investigate or would like to share your story.

Free fertility support pack

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Our online communities

I have been running our free online fertility support community since April 2013 and encourage you to join us if you are not already a member. The strength and support gained from others experiencing the same struggles as yourself is inspiring. We have grown and now also have mindful pregnancy and mindful parenting support groups.

MP3 downloads

I have created a range of MP3s to support you while trying to conceive.

The attitude of gratitude body scan:

The body scan is a great way to unwind and reconnect with your body and to really feel gratitude for everything in your life. Which we all know can be hard to do when struggling with fertility issues.

 – Amy

Coping and Comfort:

A hypnosis MP3 that incorporates simple techniques that you can use on a daily basis to bring your body out of stress and into rest and relaxation. I originally started writing this after Embrace Fertility members asked for support to cope with the heartache of a failed cycle. However I decided to keep the language open so that this track is suitable at any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or upset. (Coping and comfort is included in both natural and IVF cycle packages.)

Natural Cycle and IVF Cycle Hypnosis Packages:

Utilising hypnosis can enhance fertility; by guiding the body into a state of deep relaxation, allowing your hormone levels to rebalance, releasing fears and negative beliefs, and giving the unconscious mind a clear goal to work towards. With dedicated MP3s for each part of your cycle each package includes a self soothers guidance video, which demonstrates the acupressure techniques used in the MP3s.

“Naomi your hypnosis package has been amazing, it has brought me back to a calm and relaxed state everytime I’ve gotten anxious, particularly through the 2 week wait. It’s had such a profound impact that I now generally feel calmer. I recommend it to anyone who is pursuing IVF, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made. We have been fortunate enough to have a successful second round of IVF and just wanted to thank you for your help. – Preet

Visit download store and listen to taster MP3s.

Visualisations & affirmations for pregnancy:

I’ve written and recorded an MP3 of affirmations for pregnancy. You can use these while you are trying to conceive and these are also fantastic to listen to once you are pregnant as I have included a lot about trusting in your body and relaxing into the present moment.

Hypnosis for pain management:

It might surprise you to learn that hypnosis can give complete relief from pain. This works due to the fact that pain is subjective. The body sends sensory messages to the brain via our nerves and spinal-cord. Our mind then processes that information and sends impulses back down from the brain with messages to amplify, diminished or ignore those physical sensations. Painkilling drugs intercept these messages and lessen our experience of the physical sensation. Hypnosis works in the same way by intercepting these messages and instructing our unconscious, the part of us which controls all of our bodily functions, to diminish or ignore them therefore giving us relief.

Visit download store and listen to taster MP3s.

Embrace Fertility Method

A 10 week online course to support those trying to conceive, going through fertility treatments or who are now pregnant following infertility. Includes membership to the Embrace – More Mojo online community.

I would have never have got this far without the support from the online group, and the techniques and tools I learnt on the Embrace course. Every time I see a pregnant woman I think “yes please!” No longer do I sob for hours thinking ‘why can’t it be me’, instead I feel warm and happy to know that although my journey is longer than theirs, I will be a better, more balanced person, and a better mother for it.

 – Karen

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Embrace Bump to Baby

I also offer early pregnancy, late pregnancy and birth support.

First time visiting Embrace Fertility?

I have created a FREE Fertility Support Pack to get you started with the mindbody techniques I share. It includes an hour-long introduction to mindfulness, a 20 minute emotional freedom technique video tutorial, a 5 minute meditation and an e-book that includes 10 easy ways to bring mindfulness into your day. For your free pack sign-up.

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