Fertility Expert Interview Series

This week is with Simone L’Abbé Fertility Coach and Yoga Teacher and we are talking about Fertility Yoga and Intuitive Movement to build Resilience and Self-compassion.

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Yoga and meditation for healing miscarriage

Simone was already a yoga instructor when she had a miscarriage after trying to conceive for a year and a half. Yoga and meditation were a huge part of her healing process, so much that she became certified to teach yoga for fertility and miscarriage so that she could share this healing with others. Now she works online as a fertility coach, helping her clients become more resilient, empowered and connected to their authentic selves, using fertility yoga and meditation as tools, as well as mindset, breath work, and mindfulness techniques.

In this interview:

We talk about:

  • Healing your relationship with your body
  • Listening to your intuition as a powerful resource
  • Connecting to your womb
  • Understanding that everything is temporary
  • Feeling your emotions and pain in the present moment
  • Following your menstrual cycle – how you exercise, your feminine strengths
  • Having a positive relationship with your period

All about Simone

Simone L’Abbé is supports women on difficult fertility journeys so that they can cultivate resilience, empowerment, and self-connection. She uses a combination of mindset, meditation, mindfulness, intuitive movement, breath work, and fertility yoga to help her coaching and group program clients connect with their most authentic selves.
Dec 7-11, 2020 Simone is hosting a free event in her private Facebook group. The Resilience Retreat for Empowered Fertility Warriors includes 10 sessions with experts so that you can become more resilient and empowered on your fertility journey. You can learn more and register at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/resilience-retreat-for-empowered-fertility-warriors-registration-129342437713
To access your free Fertility Journey Self-Care Bundle, visit http://feelfully.ca (The bundle includes a downloadable fertility visualization album, a guide to finding ease, and an intro to yoga for fertility poses)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feelfully.ca/

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