Fertility fest

Many of you will have heard of Jessica Hepburn the author of ‘The pursuit of motherhood’. My last blog about her documented her English channel swim. Well she is making waves again and has established the first ever arts festival in the UK about fertility, infertility and IVF.

Launched in 2016 this year for the third and biggest ever edition of Fertility Fest we’re working in partnership with the world-renowned Barbican as part of their Life Rewired season – a programme of events exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything. Whoever you are, whatever your fertility story, there’s something in Fertility Fest for you!

Come to the festival. Come to the play. Or just take a little look at the website and share it around: www.fertilityfest.com.

I’m planning to go to the performance on Friday 26th ‘Parenting after IVF – To the moon and back’ if anyone wants to meet for a drink beforehand in the bar. Hit the contact button top right if so.

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