When you long to be a mother and your empty arms ache to hold your baby, it feels like there is a child-shaped hole in not only your life, your home and your body, but your soul.

Once you have made the decision that you want to become a parent, you enter into a new stage in your life that only a few people come back from. From that moment on, you are aware that your actions now are not only influencing your own life and that of your partner, (if you have one), but that of your (as yet) unconceived child. Every decision on what you eat, how you look after your body, your financial situation, your home, is now taken into consideration through the eyes of somebody bringing another person into the equation.

I feel that this is part of the reason that it can be so difficult to just carry on with life as normal while you are trying to conceive. You are ready to step out of your old life and into the new. But your new life is not ready yet and you are left in that in-between space, not able to go back, and you’re prevented from moving forward.

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