So many cool free events being created for you this winter. This one by the lovely Robyn Birkin.

I’ll be running a staying calm during the two week wait EFT workshop.

“When infertility, loss and trying to conceive is so incredibly difficult – I wanted to create something that *wasn’t* about improving fertility, or getting pregnant faster or supplements or detective work – none of that.

Something that just focused on YOU.

Because you matter.
Your mental health matters.

And if TTC is breaking you apart… or even if it just has really hard moments, you deserve to feel heard, supported and validated. Full stop.

You deserve to invest your time and energy into yourself.

You are worthy.
Beautiful, incredible and amazing you.

Of joy. Of happiness. Of support. Of self-kindness. Of having human experiences. Of not feeling like you need to be perfect allllll the time. All of it.

So I’ve created an event and you are invited.

I am…. still shocked, surprised, grateful and overjoyed that so many incredible colleagues have said YES to you as well, and are joining me for the Feel Better Weekend.

Join us from 18 – 20 February for this FREE event where we’ll share our best resources, tips and actionable steps to help you feel calmer, more connected and more empowered as you navigate infertility, loss and trying to conceive.

You won’t want to miss this!” – Robyn

I’ll be running this staying calm during the two week wait workshop.

Register for free via this link.

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