I’ve written and recorded an MP3 of affirmations for pregnancy. You can use these while you are trying to conceive and these are also fantastic to listen to once you are pregnant as I have included a lot about trusting in your body and relaxing into the present moment.

To read blog about the power of affirmations click here.

I’ve paired the affirmations with a 20 minute hypnosis and visualisation for pregnancy MP3 in which I guide you into relaxation and invite you to connect with your baby (future or present) and visualise yourself with a bump and then holding your baby for the first time. I’ve also packed the MP3 with suggestions about allowing yourself to let go and trust that your body knows how to nourish and nurture your baby. I end the MP3 by guiding you to enter deep restorative sleep. Again this track is suitable whilst you are trying to conceive and once pregnant.

I suggest teaming the above with my Coping and Comfort MP3 which comes with my ‘Self Soothers’ video of acupressure techniques to guide your body out of stress response and into relaxation. These points can be used alongside the hypnosis or on their own throughout the day to allow you to feel calm and confident no matter what is going on around you. (The Coping and Comfort MP3 is also part of the Natural Cycle and IVF Cycle packages.)

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