I have written and recorded a hypnosis for morning sickness relief MP3. I suffered from extreme dizziness and nausea during my first trimester and after listening to a hypnosis track for 4 days the dizziness ceased and I went my entire pregnancy only being sick twice (and both times were due to the fact I was not listening to my body and overate!)

It may surprise you to learn that many women do not experience nausea in pregnancy and studies have shown that certain variables including how much emotional support you have has a clear influence on if you are affected. Stress in particular has been shown to increase the chance of experiencing it due to the increase in cortisol, your stress hormone, leading to highs and lows in blood sugar levels.

Therefore we can utilise hypnosis to guide you into a deeply relaxed state, counterbalancing stress and cortisol and replacing with feel good endorphins which will also be enjoyed by your baby.

Acupressure for coping with morning sickness

And you can team acupressure with hypnosis to help settle your stomach, gently but firmly tap on your cheekbone 1 inch under the pupil of either eye. This point is known to ease nausea and calm your body. You can tap on this point whenever you feel the need throughout the day.

A taster of some of the suggestions

So if we were to ask your unconscious mind to minimise your body’s negative reactions to your changing hormones, creating balance and stability for you to enjoy your pregnancy, you may begin to notice how you feel better, and there might be a feeling you recognise as comfort throughout your body as you feel more balanced and well.

And you might even forget to notice how much better you are feeling as your body eases further into your pregnancy, feeling harmonious, feeling well. Your body alerting you to when you are thirsty, hungry or tired and you can find it so easy to respond to these gentle messages so that your body has no need to send you a stronger indication. Eating little and often, keeping your blood sugar levels balanced, paying attention to what your body feels like eating, trusting your sense of smell and your body’s instincts.

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