12 weeks of dedicated support

Combining powerful mind-body techniques with group coaching to create a comprehensive program that empowers and uplifts.

“It’s like someone giving you a map for the emotional journey through the fertility struggle, it changes your outlook and gives you tools to take with you.” – Ruth

  • The Embrace Fertility Method 12 week mind-body programme
    • 10 Topic videos
    • 14 Tap along videos
    • 17 powerful meditation/hypnosis MP3s
    • 10 ebooks
  • BONUS 1 : Natural Cycle and IVF Cycle Hypnosis Packs
  • BONUS 2 : Coping with jealousy
  • BONUS 3 : Supercharge your sleep
  • BONUS 4: Surviving the holidays
  • BONUS 5: Hypnosis for pain management
  • BONUS 6 : Healing from loss and grief
  • BONUS 7 : Qoya Dance Party with Kate Taylor of Creative Living. Allow yourself to connect, release, create with this powerful class.
  • BONUS 8 : Two Yoga class videos from the gorgeous Sarah Owen. 25 mins and 40 mins.
  • BONUS 9:  Three Quantum Flow classes to rewire the connection between your mind and the nervous system, release muscular tension and cleanse your organs.
  • BONUS 10:  The Connection Film
  • BONUS 11 : 3 months membership to The Embrace Circle private Facebook group
  • BONUS 12: 4 live group meditation/coaching calls with Naomi spread over 3 months

You can join for 21 days and then if you feel the course really isn’t for you I will give you a full refund. I ask you to commit fully during these three weeks to really give yourself the best possible chance at allowing the shift that inevitably comes with doing this type of self exploration.

Would you like to additional 1 to 1 support?

One to one sessions that are as unique as you are. As a practising Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, I work with women across the globe and tailor our sessions to meet your needs.

“I was having uncontrollable feelings of anxiety at different points in the day every day and I couldn’t figure out what was causing them. Sleep wasn’t good and I felt like I was in a bad cycle and trying out lots of things to help but nothing was getting to the crux of the issue. I felt a shift during the session, not only emotionally but also physically! I had a huge release of tension that I had been carrying in my hips and belly. I felt like jelly! The shifts in thinking were also remarkable, so much more positive and happy in myself. I feel transformed, much more like the old me and more resilient. I felt safe to open up and also not pushed to say anything I wasn’t comfortable in saying. Looking back the anxiety I was experiencing was really debilitating and I didn’t really realise how much anxiety I was experiencing on a daily basis until it had gone.” – Lizzy

Yes please tell me about the gold package

No thank you course and group coaching only please £555 pay in full (Does not include 1 to 1 Sessions)

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