I love the way it takes me into deep relaxation quickly and easily. I awoke feeling calmer this morning than I have in awhile. – Suzanna

A hypnosis MP3 that incorporates simple techniques that you can use on a daily basis to bring your body out of stress and into rest and relaxation. I originally started writing this after Embrace Fertility members asked for support to cope with the heartache of a failed cycle. However I decided to keep the language open so that this track is suitable at any time you want to bring more balance to your life and allow your body to relax deeply. Also perfect if you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or upset.

I will guide you through four techniques within the recording, three of which incorporate holding acupressure points that bring comfort to the body and one that can be used to ease physical discomfort as well as emotional upset. This is a simple trick we can play on the mind to instruct it to relax and unwind. Includes my self soothers guidance video, which demonstrates the techniques used in the MP3s and can be used as stand-alone techniques whenever you feel out of balance.

This is currently my most popular MP3 and I recommend listening to it on a regular basis whilst trying to conceive,  once pregnant and I have also made it part of my confident birth course as clients have reported how much more chilled they felt after listening to this track.

My work colleagues commented on how laid-back I’ve been over the past few weeks, the usual stresses of work just don’t seem to bother me in the same way. My husband is also enjoying listening and has been sleeping better as a result. – Olivera

You can listen to the first five minutes of the MP3 below:

Please note this MP3 is included in the IVF and Natural Hypnosis packages.

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