“The attitude of gratitude body scan is a great way to unwind and reconnect with your body and to really feel gratitude for everything in your life. Which we all know can be hard to do when struggling with fertility issues.” Amy

A meditation that focuses on cultivating feelings of gratitude for your body and all that it allows you to do while trying to conceive and perhaps feeling let down by your body.

Gratitude is a powerful emotion, it counteracts our stress response, it is like a reset button reducing cortisol and adrenaline and elevating feel-good chemicals in your body dopamine and serotonin, allowing your body to relax and become peaceful.

I will guide you through and ask you to focus on each area of your body in turn, I will suggest a reason for being grateful for that area and then allow a few moments of silence in which I suggest you take another three breaths while thinking, thank you, thank you, thank you and focus on feeling gratitude deep from within your heart.

Please do add in your own reasons why you are thankful and if you find it difficult to be grateful for areas that perhaps you are having problems with then just do the best you can to be gentle and loving with that area and you may find that the more time you take to be grateful for your body, the easier it is to feel grateful for your body.

There are many scientific studies that have shown that by focusing gratitude on the body and visualising a body part being strong and well influences the cells of the body. I wrote this meditation last summer after my laparoscopy as I wanted to do everything I could to support my body.

This meditation serves a deeper purpose than mindfulness practices, each statement is an affirmation, declaring something as truth even if it is not yet so. For example I include the affirmation:

“I deeply and profoundly love and respect myself.”

You may not feel that this is true but by listening to this meditation repeatedly you are planting the seeds in your subconscious and you may find in time that you soften towards these statements and develop a new connection with your body and yourself.

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