This is truly an amazing, inspiring and uplifting episode for everyone who is currently trying to conceive not just those who are considering donor conception. I’ve just spent a lovely hour in the company of my colleague and new friend Meta Getman talking all things donor conception.

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Donor Conception – The Emotional Journey

Meta is a donor conception coach who helps family-focused, responsible, and thoughtful women and couples who have found themselves facing a journey to parenthood they had never imagined: using donor eggs, donor sperm or donor embryo.

Meta and her husband Michael went through their own infertility challenges and after four IUIs and three rounds of fresh IVF, they achieved their dream of a family through using donor eggs.

In this 50 minute interview Meta shares:

  • How she felt when her doctor first suggested that they should move to donor eggs.
  • How at that point she said “No I’m not going to do that.”
  • She talks us through how she felt at each stage of the process; getting on the donor waiting list, being matched to a donor, going through the treatment cycle alongside their donor, finding out she was pregnant with twins, when she first saw her girls after giving birth and now she is a mum of two almost 5 years olds.
  • Why she thinks we need to open up the conversation around donor conception.
  • How choosing to use a donor is a big decision and you need to be in the right frame of mind to make that decision and how to do that.

More about Meta

Meta has been featured in multiple podcasts, has spoken at the RESOLVE Midwest Family Building Summit and founded a community of families who used a donor.  

Meta has a free, Essential Donor Checklist that you can download here: https://ae-collective.mykajabi.com/pl/259144  

Follow Meta on Instagram at @metagetman where she shares content daily and does a weekly Q&A where she answers any and all questions.  

Through her ecourse, The Donor Downlow, Meta helps her clients go from isolation, loneliness, and fear of the donor process to hope, confidence and excitement for building their families. 

Meta’s fantastic Fertility Tribe article ‘What I want others to know about donor egg IVF.’

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