Fertility Expert Interview Series

I have absolutely loved recording these fertility expert interviews and we are finishing the year strong with my friend and colleague the wonderful Sarah Holland the Fertile Mindset® Coach. Sarah will forever hold a very special place in my heart as she invited me to speak at one of her Fertility Summits when I was just starting out and it gave me such a boost of confidence.

Diving Deep into the Power of Fertility EFT

This interview is not your usual introduction to emotional freedom technique it is a deep dive into the potential of this powerful technique and we include examples from both our own lives and those of our clients.


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In this interview:

Here’s a little taster of what we talked about:

– Why EFT is so valuable as a fertility support tool.
– The many ways EFT can be powerful at every stage of your fertility journey.
– How we’ve both felt and seen EFT work in action and the amazing outcomes.
– The important differences between self-guided EFT and practitioner-led EFT, and how you can get the best results.
– Quick and easy ways to start using EFT to bring big results for your mindset and emotional wellbeing.

All about Sarah

Sarah Holland is the Fertile Mindset® Coach and has a unique, effective and empowering approach to fertility support. Working in the world of fertility since 2001, and having experienced fertility challenges herself, she pioneered the use of EFT Tapping specifically for fertility support. With the Fertile Mindset® approach to coaching, support and emotional healing she has helped thousands of people negotiate the emotional rollercoaster of fertility issues. Sarah believes it is possible for anyone’s fertility journey to become a much more positive and fulfilling experience, and that by recognising and supporting the emotional aspects of fertility, the path to parenthood can become more successful in every way including creating a family.

Sarah’s coaching clients and Fertile Mindset® Sanctuary members frequently tell her that the results they achieve with her support and EFT “feel like magic!”.

Sarah has appeared on BBC News and Channel 5 talking about fertility topics, and has spoken on stage at the Fertility Show and My Future Family Show in London, the American Fertility Expo in California and Fertilitetsmessen in Copenhagen, as well as at numerous online fertility events and podcasts. She is also a proud member of the AlphaZita holistic fertility team, offering integrated fertility support on retreat at the luxury Sani resort in Greece.

Sarah is based in the U.K. and her support is available worldwide via zoom consultations and within her membership, the Fertile Mindset® Sanctuary which has both free and paid levels of support.

Having experienced her own fertility challenges Sarah is now a mum to two boys through both birth and adoption.

Join Sarah’s free membership

Begin our own Fertile Mindset® journey today by joining Sarah’s free membership in the Fertile Mindset ® Sanctuary here: www.fertilemindset.com/sanctuary

Connect with Sarah

You can get in touch with Sarah at www.fertilemindset.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FertileMindset and Instagram at fertile_mindset

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The Embrace Fertility Method five step process

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