What is functional fertility coaching and can it help you get pregnant? We kick off this new series of fertility expert interviews with the lovely Monica Cox of Finding Fertility. 
If anyone has watched ‘Comedians in cars getting coffee” you will know the vibe I am intending to create with these fertility expert interviews! Like-minded people coming together and talking about a host of topics that they are incredibly passionate about.
Each of the six fertility experts that I’m going to be introducing you to over the coming weeks has something very valuable to bring to the table. 

Increase your chances of getting and staying pregnant with functional fertility

Monica is a top Holistic Fertility Coach and Infertility Warrior who helps woman get to the bottom of their unexplained infertility so they can increase their chances of getting and staying pregnant.
Author of the best-seller Baby & Me mindfulness journal & host of the highly popular podcast Finding Fertility, she dedicating to inspiring woman to look beyond their infertility diagnosis and take control of their health through clean eating and simplifying their lifestyle.

Obscure food intolerances

In this interview Monica shares her own journey and how a friend suggesting she meet with a functional health coach began an exploration into her diet that and lifestyle that lead to uncovering obscure food intolerances and flagging up dietary health issues that Monica had been coping with that she hadn’t realised could be drastically altered through simple changes. 
Monica dealt with unexplained infertility, several miscarriages & failed IVF’s before becoming an IVF mom & getting pregnant natural even though the doctors said there was nothing she could do to improve her situation. This is an informative and fun interview, we cover Natural Killer Cells, how Yoga can suck for A type personalities, how even foods we label as healthy can cause intolerances, and how your Insta handle and the way you label yourself can have such a huge impact on your mindset and mental well-being.
I may have bought a little mascot along because both Monica and I are slightly obsessed with 🦩🦩🦩.  

Episode 74: Fertility Expert Interview Series

Youtube video live now. You can also listen now over on the Embrace Fertility Podcast. Search for ‘Embrace Fertility’ on your fave podcast player and subscribe for weekly love notes.

Follow Monica @findingfertility and download her three step guide to taking the right steps and improving your chances of getting in staying pregnant today at www.findingfertility.co.
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