I’ve just recorded ‘3 mindbody techniques to help you get pregnant’ podcast with the lovely Anna Reyes of ‘The Fertility Mentor’ podcast.

Easy things you can start doing from today to help calm your mind and balance your body. Here are some notes to support the podcast.

EFT point for calm

Tap or rub the area where the heart is drawn to calm your mind and soothe your body.

Can hypnosis get you pregnant?

In the podcast I talk about hypnosis check out my blog on this topic ‘Can hypnosis get you pregnant?’

The Embrace Fertility Method

Giving you the tools to enhance your fertility. Empowering you to feel calm and confident while trying to conceive and during pregnancy following infertility.

The next round of The Embrace Fertility Method starts in February join me for my next free masterclass to find out more. Find out more here.

Boost your fertility

To receive your FREE fertility support pack click here. Includes the 5 minute mindful MP3 I mention in the podcast. Suitable for anyone trying to conceive, going through treatment or who is now pregnant following difficulties.

Free fertility boost pack

Over to you

What change are you going to make today to help you be less stressed and happier on your journey to motherhood? Add a comment below or join the conversation in our online support community.

Go listen to the podcast

Go check it out on your favourite podcast player – search for ‘Fertility Mentor’ or listen here.

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