This summer I promise myself:

me beach

♥ To allow my first thoughts on waking to be ones of gratitude for the day ahead.
♥ To greet myself in the mirror with: “Good morning beautiful, I am so, so proud of you for taking the time this summer to really take care of yourself. Well done. I love you so much.”
♥ To accept that I am where I am and to see each day as a new beginning.
♥ To take every chance I can to live each moment of my day mindfully.
♥ To let go of my fears and anxieties for the future, to trust in myself and in my ability to handle everything in my life.
♥ To listen to the music I love while going about my daily activities.
♥ To keep myself well hydrated and to remember to breathe!
♥ To take an I♥Me minute to stop, breathe and reconnect with my body once an hour.
♥ To nourish my body with pure nutritious food and to give thanks for every meal.
♥ To take time to laugh and to play every day.
♥ To smile at myself and say “Well done!” every time I catch my reflection in a mirror.
♥ To do at least 1 kind thing for someone else and 1 kind thing for myself each day.
♥ To release my need to judge others, situations or myself.
♥ To choose to see all the good there is in life.
♥ To talk only of the joys in my life and to rejoice in the good fortune of others.
♥ To ask for support every day and to accept it willingly.
♥ To replace. “I should” with “I could if I choose” and know that I always have choice in my actions and reactions.
♥ To take 2 I♥Me minutes to stop, breathe and reconnect with my body whenever I feel tense or overwhelmed.
♥ To replace activities that deplete me with activities that nourish me.
♥ To end the day with the affirmation: “I willing to learn and grow each day. I am patient with myself and accept myself just as I am.”
♥ To give my body as much sleep as it needs to thrive.
♥ To allow my last thoughts at night to be ones of gratitude for today and for tomorrow.


5 days a week I promise myself:


♥ To make 20 I♥Me minutes at the start of the day to meditate and visualise my future.
♥ To spend 20 I♥Me minutes exercising outside, be that walking, yoga or another activity that makes me feel revived.
♥ To spend 20 I♥Me minutes journaling. 10 minutes writing in a releasing journal all negative thoughts and feelings and 10 minutes in a gratitude journal giving thanks for every positive in my life however small.


1 day a week I promise myself:


♥ To spend 60 I♥Me minutes doing something purely for the love of it.
♥ To spend 60 I♥Me minutes taking action to move myself forward in an area of my life I would like to change.


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