Hypnosis for coping and comfort

Coping with a failed cycle

I have been writing and recording various hypnosis MP3s to support fertility, IVF and pregnancy following infertility and I asked you (if you are not yet a member of the Embrace Fertility online support group come and join us) what would be really useful for you. You asked for support to cope with the heartache of a failed cycle.

The words we use

Even the language itself ‘a failed cycle’ is indicative of the blame we can feel if a cycle is not successful. We can be left feeling devastated, shocked, anxious, stressed, angry, exhausted and analysing everything that did or did not happen. I asked how you would prefer to be feeling and a list of wonderful words emerged: resilient, peaceful, calm, hopeful, understood. You wanted to feel reassured and confident that the difficult times will pass, able to recharge following a cycle that perhaps took everything out of you.

Hypnosis MP3 for coping and comfort

So here you are, a hypnosis MP3 that incorporates simple techniques that you can use on a daily basis to bring your body out of stress response (to read about how our bodies respond to stress read Fight, flight or freeze and the fox) and into rest and relaxation response. I originally started writing this with coping with a failed cycle in mind but have chosen to keep the language open so that this track will also be suitable at any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or upset.

Plus ‘Self Soothers’ video

I guide you through four techniques within the recording, three of which incorporate holding acupressure points that bring comfort to the body and one that can be used to ease physical discomfort as well as emotional upset and is a simple trick we can play on the mind to instructed it to relax and unwind. Along with the hypnosis MP3 I will send you a video entitled ‘Self Soothers’ from my Embrace stress reduction course. The video demonstrates the acupressure techniques. They are so simple and once you have these in your back pocket you can use them throughout the day to make yourself feel better whenever you need. I have put a lot of thought and love into this recording and really hope that it succeeds in its intention which is to allow you to feel comforted and resilient in the face of difficult times.

I love the way it takes me into deep relaxation quickly and easily. I awoke feeling calmer this morning than I have in awhile. 

 – Suzanna

Love it! Well done and thank you, Naomi. Felt fairly relaxed before I started, probably a 7 but by the end was definitely a 10! Really easy to follow the instructions and the bit where you pull yourself out of relaxation and then push yourself deeper really works. Never tried that before. Makes me feel more in control of my feelings and confident that I can help myself relax in future. Reckon it would definitely send me off to sleep if I did it before bed! Xx

 – Helen


Coping and comfort package

Coping and Comfort Hypnosis MP3 26 minutes and ‘Self soothers’ video £14.

This MP3 and video are also included in both my natural cycle and assisted conception hypnosis packs. The Embrace Fertility digital download store is up and running. Come on in.

Over to you

Please do let me know what you think I would love to hear from you.

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