How hypnobirthing helps even when things don’t go according to plan


Some people feel that you can’t plan for birth and in one way they are right. Birth plans can need to be put one side as babies, blood pressure and contractions do not play ball. However if you have prepared using hypnobirthing you will be in the best possible place to handle what ever comes up.

Here is Kate’s induction story which shows how hypnobirthing helps even when things don’t go according to plan.

How did you feel about birth before starting the Embrace Bump to Baby course?

I did an NCT course too, so I knew about the “process” and importance of oxytocin and relaxation, but had no idea about how to achieve this relaxation. I was also feeling a bit apprehensive about the pain, and rather terrified that something would go horribly wrong.

Why did you decide to learn about hypnobirthing?

Because hypnosis really helped to calm me during 4 stressful years of trying to conceive. I also thought it would be a great tool for connecting with my bump.

Why did you decide to do the Embrace Bump to Baby course in particular?

I worked with you during my fertility treatments and you know that pregnancy following infertility can be wrought with fear as well as gratitude. I like your informal, understanding attitude and the way you bring together various tools in your course.

How did your partner feel about birth before the course?

He was nervous that something might go wrong… And that he couldn’t help me, he’d just have to watch me in pain and be unable to help. He didn’t like the thought of being useless.

Did he participate and did it change how he felt?

He participated in some of it. He particularly enjoyed being made to feel useful with his physical and emotional to do lists! He ended up doing so much to support me during my labour, thanks to the list of things I’d like to hear him say and, perhaps more importantly – what not to say!

How much practice did you do? I.e. did you do the homework tasks? How often did you listen to the MP3s?

Probably not as much as I should have done, but the closer I got to my due date, I found myself “needing” the relaxation MP3s in particular as my anxiety tried to creep in. I knew how to recognise it and that I needed to act upon it. I followed your exercises of reading positive birth stories and trying to focus on them. I did all the exercises, but repeated them if I needed them again.

How did your feelings about birth change during the course?

I felt I could take control of myself during labour, I felt more confident that there was no reason why anything should go wrong, that it was more likely to go right. This helped quell a lot of anxiety.


Tell me your baby’s birth story in as much detail as you like.

I was induced at 38 weeks due to gestational diabetes. My baby was clearly not ready to come out as none of the pessaries or sweeps did anything. I spent 2 days on an induction ward watching people come and go, but I kept remembering that every minute that went by was a minute closer to meeting my baby. My doctors were keen to avoid a c section due to previous abdominal surgery. They managed to break my waters and so we were moved to the delivery suite. My partner made the room so beautiful with fairy lights and lovely music (thank you for the suggestion to build a nest, we really did), so much so that every midwife on the ward wanted to come in and see!

I required syntocinon because I wasn’t dilating on my own, we started at a low level and worked up the scale. Only once I had passed the level that required consultant (not doctor) sign off did my contractions begin and boy they were intense! I asked for an epidural – the pain relief option I was most open to of all available. My epidural was inserted and I had a blissful few minutes of relief before it dislodged and the pain returned! The anaesthetists were busy with c sections so I couldn’t get it reinserted, so I had to work hard to cope with gas and air. At this point I asked my partner to “bring me Naomi, I need Naomi!” and he gave me my ipod with headphones and I started listening to your affirmations – I could hear you saying that my body was able to do this, that I could cope and I managed to get myself into a deep relaxation – almost an out of body experience. The doctors kept trying to interrupt me and I was so zoned out I didn’t notice, I was purely focussed on my birth and connected with my baby, whilst having the most intense contractions ever!

I managed a good 6 hours in this state, however unfortunately after 13 hours in total, I was still only 1cm dilated and it was clear this was not going to work. The doctor wanted me to try for another 4 hours but Alex’s heartbeat began to rise so we opted for a c section. The actual c section was amazing – hearing my baby boy cry for the first time was incredible. I was sobbing with joy and over the moon that I had finally achieved my dream of becoming a mum. Naomi, I couldn’t have got through the trauma of no epidural and high dose syntocinon without you – thank you so much!

Do you feel the course helped you prepare for labour and birth?

Yes absolutely, I knew what I needed and when. I wasn’t nearly as frustrated as I could have been over the 4 days from hospital check in to delivery because I knew that each moment was a milestone towards meeting my baby. Kieron knew how to keep me calm and support me during the toughest moments in particular. We were a great team over those 4 days!

How many stars out of five would give the course?

I’d give it 5 stars, you covered a lot of things in those 4 weeks, they all really helped me.

Would you recommend the course to friends and family?

Yes, and I have already! :)

What was your favourite bit of the course?

Writing the list of things for Kieron to do – it really helped us to bond and imagine the birth together. He then went off and sourced the fairy lights etc.

Did you to use the pain management techniques during labour? Or have you used since please explain?

BIG YES – my epidural failed so I only had gas and air for an induced labour with super high dose syntocinon. I was having huge contractions. I called upon many techniques and while I still felt pain, I managed to zone out, focusing on other aspects and dulling the pain. It really really helped me get through an extremely tough 6 hours. THANK YOU SO MUCH NAOMI!

So what is the Embrace Bump to Baby Course?

I created the affirmations and hypnosis for pregnancy pack to support you right from the very start of your pregnancy and now my Embrace Bump to Baby confident pregnancy and birth course is alive and kicking.

A woman’s body is designed to give birth and part of the natural process of birth involves her body releasing endorphins and oxytocin our natural painkillers. The Embrace Bump to Baby course replaces anxiety and fear of birth with education and inspiration.

  • Learn how to numb body parts using hypnosis
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Superhero birth partner training
  • Acupressure and massage techniques
  • Mindfulness coaching

Carve out some time each week for you to connect to your body, baby and partner.

A blend of hypnobirthing, mindfulness, practical preparation and having a chuckle during pregnancy. This 4 week course teaches you a range of techniques allowing you to work with your body, baby and birthing team to experience an empowered and calm birth no matter what happens on the day – induction, c-section whatever.

Take the first week of the online course for free now

For your FREE MP3 ‘Daily chill out for mums and dads-to-be’ and to take the first week of the Embrace Bump to Baby course for FREE sign up now. YES PLEASE SEND ME MY MP3.

Group classes in Oxfordshire

Hypnobirth classes central to Henley-on-Thames, Marlow, High Wycombe and Princes Risborough start next Tuesday 4th April.

Group classes Tuesday evenings 7pm to 9pm at the beautiful St. Katharine’s retreat at Parmoor.

Big comfy sofas, cup of brew of your choice and a log fire on chilly nights.

Meet other like-minded parents-to-be. Course suitable no matter what stage of pregnancy you are at.

Course includes online hub packed full of videos, MP3s and ebooks.

For more information or to book visit here




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