Fertility friendly natural skincare from Weleda


When you are trying to conceive you want to ensure that you are doing everything possible to support your fertility. Due to the fact that I had been diagnosed with endometriosis I went down the route of cutting out all foods that contained or mimicked oestrogen in the body, so dairy, non-organic meats and eggs, soya products etc. I then started researching the contents of the products that were coming into contact with my body so moisturisers, shower gels, make up etc. and was shocked to find that some foundations for example contain a sunscreen that mimics oestrogen in the body.

This website is fab if you want to check the contents of your bathroom cabinet www.safecosmetics.org.

Nurture and nourish

Anyho I’ve just become a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor as I am passionate about encouraging women to nurture and nourish themselves while trying to conceive and I adore the natural products Weleda produces. I’m going to be writing more about this in the New Year but in the meantime I have my very own online store through their website you can check it out here.


Weleda’s goal is to maintain, enhance and restore the health of people. What started in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own medicinal plant garden, is today a world-leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics as well as pharmaceuticals for anthroposophical therapy. So gorgeous and totally fertility friendly as no hormone disrupting chemicals included.


Responsible dealings with both nature and people have always formed part of the business, ever since Rudolf Steiner articulated his vision of a company completely at the service of human beings and the world as a whole. Whether it’s through fair trade, biodynamic cultivation or the supportive development of their employees – sustainability is part of Weleda’s roots.

Lovely things

I thought I would share this now as Weleda have some fantastic Christmas gifts on sale so if you still have some Christmas shopping to do how about treating your friends and family to some beautiful natural skincare products? (Or hint to the hubby for your stocking!)

Whether you’re buying for mums, dads, friends or work colleagues, we’ve got a gift to suit every taste, budget and skin type.

From stocking-fillers under £5 to our gorgeous ribbon boxes and pampering gift bags, we’ve got all your Christmas needs covered in just a couple of clicks.

My fave gifts

Mindfulness colouring book sooo gorgeous.

3 drawer gift box

Almond face and body cream range

Men’s Gift Bag (Save £12.90)

How about treating yourself if you are feeling under the weather

Cold Relief spray

Herb and Honey Cough Elixir

Skin Food Hand Cream – this is absolutely fantastic.

Free delivery on orders before midnight Sunday 1st.


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