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fertility show

Come and meet me and some of the Embrace Fertility members at The Fertility Show the first weekend of November. Embrace Fertility is growing and I’ve booked a small stand at the show.

My intentions

1.) Tell as many people as possible about our free online fertility community and the amazing support that is available in a peer group such as this sharing our hopes, fears and stories. Message: You are not alone.

2.) Get information to the women who need it that there are so many mindbody techniques that can allow you to stay happy while you are trying to get pregnant. Message: There is so much you can do to help yourself.

3.) Promote my online stress reduction course, hypnosis MP3s and me as a therapist. Message: If you need additional support it is available.

4.) Start making waves in the fertility industry that immediate emotional support should be part and parcel of every infertility diagnosis. The current offering of counselling sessions weeks after you request them is not acceptable. Message: I am here to stay and I’m here to make changes!

About the show

The Fertility Show is backed by the fantastic Infertility Network UK and is part of Fertility Awareness Week. The show is a dedicated and discreet* environment where you can learn about your fertility, explore your options with experienced and sympathetic professionals and find out how to give yourself the best chance of conceiving.

*Their strict privacy policy includes no photography, no press, not disclosing visitor details to anyone and no name badges.

With 60 talks from 70 of the world’s leading fertility specialists – just £1 each and 100 exhibitors with doctors, clinicians, practitioners and fertility experts available on their stands the show is worth a visit. I went last year for the first time and wrote this blog on the four seminars I attended Is evolution stronger than psychology? Stress vs fertility.

Recommended seminars

Embrace Fertility member Jessica Hepburn is running one seminar:

Sunday 10.45-11.30
Managing your fertility clinic – a user guide.
Talk to a handful of people who’ve had fertility treatment and odds are that you’ll hear stories about the clinics they attended. Standards do vary and whilst success rates are key, the backup, counselling and support that patients are offered – and not just being treated like a “number” – are crucial in managing the stress and worry of the fertility rollercoaster. Here’s a guide to what you should expect, what is and what isn’t acceptable and how to go about getting it by Jessica Hepburn, Fertility Road columnist, trustee at Infertility Network UK and author of Amazon bestseller, The Pursuit of Motherhood, which chronicles her long struggle to have a child.

Embrace Fertility friends who are speaking in date order:

Saturday 10.30-11.15
How To Get Pregnant (and to have the best possible pregnancy).
Whether you’ve just decided to try to get pregnant, have been trying for a while, or are about to have IVF, fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West explains how to combine the latest medical thinking with practical advice on nutrition, emotional and psychological management and complementary therapies, to maximise your chances of conceiving successfully and achieving a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Saturday 11.30-12.15
Managing relationships through infertility
The stresses and strains of coping with, and treating, infertility put a terrible pressure on relationships. It impacts on sex, daily life, expectations of support, overcoming difficulties and can take a lot of the joy and fun away. Tracey Sainsbury, member of the British Infertility Counselling Association and fertility counsellor at both London Women’s and London Bridge fertility clinics, offers some strategies on working together.

Saturday 12.30-13.15
Factors to consider when choosing a fertility clinic.
Getting the right fit is just as essential as comparing success rates when deciding on a fertility clinic. Kate Brian, journalist, broadcaster, author of bestselling The Complete Guide to IVF, mother of two IVF children and regional organiser for Infertility Network UK, has been through it all. In this talk she guides you through the issues from a clinic’s location, culture, specialisations and waiting times to analysing costs and using the mass of data available on the HFEA website, data that clinics are legally obliged to provide on the outcomes of their fertility treatments, in order to compare success rates.

Saturday 13.30-14.15
Freeing your mind to improve fertility
For hundreds of years ancient healing practices have made claims of the link between mind and body but today, research is starting to provide evidence to back this up. Russell Davis believes too many couples go through treatment unnecessarily and that success rate are unnecessarily low due to the mind being a factor. Russell is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, founder of The Fertile Mind and the National Council of Hypnotherapy’s Fertility Specialist Advisor and works with women and couples all over the world.  His personal experience of infertility echoes his clinical experience in that stress, limiting thoughts and beliefs can all affect outcomes. In this talk he offers some techniques to help improve your chances of success.

Sunday 14.30-15.15
Complementary therapies – can they boost your fertility?
Claims for many complementary treatments have been made, by practitioners and patients alike, as miracle cures for infertility. But amongst the medical profession there is much discussion over the lack of evidence supporting these claims. Michael Dooley, NHS Consultant Gynaecologist, Medical Director of The Poundbury Clinic and author of Fit for Fertility, who advocates the use of a range of complementary techniques, chairs this session with an introduction outlining some of the views of the medical profession whilst Emma Cannon, holistic fertility specialist, acupuncturist and author of The Baby Making Bible and Total Fertility and Barbara Scott, chair of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, present their experiences in helping those who have struggled to conceive.

Sunday 14.45-15.30
The Top Ten ways to cope with infertility.
Anya Sizer is the fertility support co-ordinator at London Women’s Clinic and proud mum of two IVF children, a journey which took six years against very difficult odds. More recently, she has also adopted a young boy. For over eight years she has coached people professionally on dealing with the stress and worry that surrounds infertility. In this practical workshop, Anya will go through her top ten techniques for maintaining a positive and constructive approach at such a difficult time.

Sunday 15.45-16.30
Transform your fertility journey with EFT
EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and is based on the theory that the cause of negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. In this talk Sarah Holland, who runs and supports patients on their fertility journey with EFT, outlines how you can quickly learn and self apply techniques to reduce stress, quieten negative thoughts, overcome emotional blocks to conceiving and slow down the emotional rollercoaster of infertility.

For more information on the show and seminars and to book tickets visit

Here’s a floor plan we will be on stand 87 near seminar room 3 do come and say hello.



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